Widowed again

John, for several reasons, stopped playing Day of Defeat. He hasn’t played it for about six months, but now he’s got hooked on a new game: Left4Dead. It’s a good time for it to happen, because it frees me up to start thinking about the upcoming fantasy (and real) Baseball season.

Anyway, if any of you are into first-person shooter games, come on by his place and join the crowd. It sounds as if he’s having a lot of fun . . . plenty of laughter coming out of his office. And instead of killing his friends this time, they’re all (four maximum) on the same side, killing zombies.

Yes, this is a perfect Sunday for us. Just pottering around, shooting zombies and cooking cheese soufflés.

3 thoughts on “Widowed again”

  1. I don’t believe you are always on the same side. My son plays Left4Dead and I know I’ve seen him being the zombies at times while playing online.

    Cheese soufflés…..Mmmmmmm

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