Turkeys . . . pigs . . . lambs?

When I mentioned Gordon Ramsey earlier I of course went to find a link to The F-Word. It’s just occurred to me that he’s holding a lamb on the front of the website. Oh dear. I hope this doesn’t mean what I think it means. In Season One he decided to keep turkeys in his garden to show his children that meat doesn’t come from the supermarket. The slaughter before Christmas was shown in detail and was quite traumatic, even though they weren’t my pets and I hadn’t given them names. In Season Two he has two pigs delivered. They live a wonderful life and eat the best food. One of them even gets beer. In Episode (I think) 8 it’s time again for the slaughter. It was awfully sad watching them get loaded into the truck. They were all quiet and seemed to know what was about to happen. And Chef Ramsey seemed quite choked up, even more than his children. John and I didn’t watch the next part. We turned off the TV when Ramsey announced that the next segment was not for the squeamish.

So not lambs next. Please 🙁

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