Sky diving

TGIF. Here’s a June 22nd report from Charlie:

We have been having a pretty good time out here recently. Managed to get up to Wellington for the game which was fun. The actual game was pretty poor but the atmosphere was great, and we had a good night in Wellington. Luke was waiting at the hostel when we got back from the game. Charlie Senior was there as well and he was on good form. It was the only night when our paths crossed so it was great to see him and catch up.

After Wellington we headed up to Lake Taupo where the weather cleared. Climbed in a small plane to 15 thousand feet which is the highest commercial sky dive in the world and jumped out with a man on my back and free falled for 60 seconds at 200km per hour! It is the most incredible feeling and although you are petrified when you are about to jump the free fall is something else. Apparently your body prepares itself for death so you get this natural morphine pumped through your body and you just can’t stop smiling as you plummet through the sky!! But yeah it was unbelievable and puts a bungee jump to shame – it’s all on DVD. We then went up to Rotorua where sadly we didn’t make it to the sheep shearing show. We did however do a Hydro-Zorb which was good fun. Not sure if you saw it but you get in this 3.2 metre ball with water in,and thrown down a hill. Sounds ridiculous but actually great fun as you are being thrown around, and you go in there with someone else. Ollie and I were tripping each other over the whole time! We also treated ourselves to the Polynesian Spa. Lots of different natural baths, so we bathed for quite a long time by the lake and felt very clean after it. We are now in Auckland and looking to sell the car. Fred just got a text from someone saying they were interested so we are about to follow that up. It’s currently sitting in the Backpacker Carmarket, so fingers crossed! Definitely be heading up the Skytower soon to cash in the voucher, and then off to Fiji on Friday. New Zealand has been so much fun but we are all looking foward to a bit of sun, especially after seeing the weather at Wimbledon last night. Good to see Henman is still keeping Britain on the edge of their seats.

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