Picture from the attic

Suzanna has scanned and forwarded this picture (given to her by Jean) for Habershons.com, your major source of everything Habershon. Actually, she’s sent two, but you’re only getting one at a time as news and updates have been rather thin lately.

Who are they all?, you may ask. Well, you remember reading all about Frederick Drummond here? The picture is of his wedding to Ethelwyn Mary Habershon on May 4th, 1910.

Suzanna advises that she can only recognise Percy of any Habershon relatives. But she does remember her mum telling her that Wyn ran off with a young musician and the family weren’t happy about it at all. Perhaps most of the people in the photo belong to Fred’s family.

If anyone recognizes anyone else, please register/sign in and leave a comment.

8 thoughts on “Picture from the attic”

  1. Very interesting. I can’t resist this one. They don’t make hats like that anymore. I guess Alfred and Percy are first and second from the left of the three young men seated bottom right – Alfred in the dark suit and central parting (cool!). He would have been 19 yrs old in 1910 and was two years older than Percy. Not sure who the boy is with them, wearing an Eton collar – perhaps a Drummond. Can Suzanna enlighten us? Sounds a sad marriage with no children, shell shock and Wyn running off with someone else. By the way, don’t rely on any of the above – mere guesswork. My comments on this site have been very inaccurate lately. Looking forward to the next pic!

  2. Interesting observations David but……. Percy has to be third from left at back between two very large hats! (Confirmed by next picture which is fantastic). There is someone’s forehead to his right which Dinah and I thought could be Alfred. Strange no sign of John B. or Mary G. Rix at their daughter’s wedding, so perhaps Wyn’ s brother’s felt they should support her. No idea about the three young lads, think the one on far right looks a bit like Frederick.

  3. Once again I am completely wrong – Alfred would have been 29 of course, not 19 and Percy 27. Interesting Suzanna you say that John Broadhurst and Mary G didn’t attend the wedding – that was a bit drastic! Was the wedding held in London I wonder? Wyn must have been a strong minded lady. Look forward to the next pic. Bring it on Catherine!

  4. Am only assuming John B. and Mary G. didn’t attend the wedding because I can’t see them. The wedding was in Rotherham apparently, so distance to travel no excuse.

    Cousin Peter (Elliott) wrote :-
    I can only spot PJH but probably Alfred was there as well to support his sister. I wonder if JBH and his wife did not attend to show their disapproval. Probably most of the guests were Drummonds or friends.
    For the record Wyn was married in Rotherham and Alfred was married in Greenwich.

  5. Just to correct you when you say “Sounds a sad marriage with no children, shell shock and Wyn running off with someone else.”, David: Wyn didn’t run off with someone else. She married the musician, i.e. Drummond. A sad marriage, though, ruined by WWI.

  6. Whoops. I obviously misinterpreted the comment that ‘Wyn ran off with a musician’. I assumed this was another musician after Frederick, but obviously not. Silly me! You are right Catherine that Fred never recovered from WW1. I wonder how many others in these two pictures fought in the trenches. Jack (Ivy’s brother) did – army doctors were in great demand.

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