News from a London Hab.

When I last reported on the Emsworth Habs, the information on Ed was a little hazy. I am now pleased to announce, however, that he has actually e-mailed me to tell me what he’s up to. He has been working for The Sunday Times as a trainee for the last three months. Trainees do “everything from playing messenger to helping out any of the sections when they need it.” So far he’s been on the news desk, the foreign desk, the travel desk, the university guide and has written an article on beach huts for the property section. He promises that if it ever gets published, will be the first to know.

He is living in Battersea with two university friends, where the trains rattle by. He’s also running in a 10k around London on Sunday, July 3rd. As well as fuelling his pride he’ll be raising money for St. Dunstan’s, the charity for blind ex-servicemen. Excellent cause! It’s easy to donate. Just click here.

So, Habershons, loyal readers and hangers-on . . . after you’ve all made your donations, perhaps you could all send a letter to the Sunday Times asking them for information on beach huts.

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