Name That Tune

Okay, I’ve searched the internet, asked around, e-mailed a graduate music student, and e-mailed Ricky trying to find out the name of this piece of music. No luck. Can anyone help me here?

It’s played on the piano by a black kid in an AT&T commercial. His mother is sitting on a bus listening to it down the ‘phone. I’m almost certain it was originally composed as a song. I’ve even tried writing it down but probably have the key signature wrong and definitely the wrong timing.

Someone, please put me out of my misery. The tune is going through my head 24 hours a day. I need to know what it is! Nick?

4 thoughts on “Name That Tune”

  1. Now that you have written it out again, it has been easy to recognise as George Frideric Handel’s Ombra mai fu (under my shade). It has made history as the ‘Largo’ from Handel’s opera Xerxes. The song is addressed to a plane tree: "no plant ever gave a lovelier shade than you". I will email you a copy of the music.

  2. Ricky, thank you so much. And for sending the sheet music. I need to find a version for piano only — the clarinet line is in a different key. Can’t understand why clarinet music’s written like that. Of course, once I start my viola lessons I’ll have to play with a different clef, won’t I?

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