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Catherine Athearn (nĂŠe Habershon)



Kate's Wedding
April 20th, 2002

Please e-mail me your pictures, especially if someone's missing from these.
WeddingBrideGroom2.jpg (18906 bytes)
Kate and Pat
WeddingLibbyClareNickPaulDavid.jpg (56336 bytes)
, Clare, Nick, Paul, David.  What magnificent hats!
WeddingPaulClareNick.jpg (34776 bytes)
Paul, Clare, Nick
Wedding ClareDavidCoulthard.jpg (23897 bytes)
Clare and David Coulthard

WeddingBand.jpg (33718 bytes)
The party
WeddingClareRicciLibby.jpg (58497 bytes)
Clare, Ricky and Libby
WeddingGroup.jpg (43649 bytes)
Habershons and spouses
WeddingGroup2.jpg (117514 bytes)

At the Barn House the day after
WeddingThreeLadies.jpg (50465 bytes)
on the right.  Need help with names here, please.
Wedding Someone and Paul.jpg (55728 bytes)
Chris Date and Paul
WeddingPaulandSomeone.jpg (38396 bytes)
Paul and someone
WeddingRicciandSomeone.jpg (37715 bytes)
and Dick Habershon
England_Wedding_Suzanna_Dinah.jpg (52399 bytes)
Suzanna & Dinah
England_Wedding_Ricky wave.jpg (79925 bytes)
Where's Ricky?
England_Wedding_Kate Pat Jean.jpg (55890 bytes)
Kate, Pat & Jean
England_Wedding_Two Racing Drivers.jpg (42047 bytes)
David Coulthard and Dick Habershon
Non-Habershons, in case you're wondering...yes, that is David Coulthard, the Formula One driver.  Kate married Pat Fry, his his chief engineer.
England_Wedding_Sarah Jean Someone Kate.jpg (50718 bytes)
Sarah, Jean, Eunice Powell (Jean's sister), and Kate




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