I think they'll catch on

a genuine train driver's handThe big day has finally arrived. Houston now has trains running up and down Main Street, from UH Downtown all the way past Reliant Stadium. Deciding not to miss the first day, Sally, Michael, Everett, John the train geek and I walked downtown to catch a train. Unfortunately it seemed that about 15,000 other Houstonians had the same idea, and it took several hours before we could get on one. This way to the photograph album!

There are many people who think the light rail plan is a total waste of money and that no one will ever ride the trains. I hope they’re wrong. Nothing would make me happier than to be able to take a train to work every day . . . except not going to work at all.

3 thoughts on “I think they'll catch on”

  1. Nothing would make me happier than to be able to take a train to work every day . . .

    Hmm. Something tells me Wendy shouldn’t hear a statement like that. She might get jealous.
    : )

  2. No prob. I’d take her with me on the train.

    We rode it again yesterday to go to "Lord of the Rings" at the Angelika. I actually got a seat on the outward journey as it was early morning, but on the way back it was really crowded. We didn’t have to wait, though.

    Cmarka, there are parking spaces right next to Wheeler Station (near the Sears at Richmond and Main). I asked a policeman if anyone could park there, and he said that right now we could. You might want to think about this for when you work Downtown.

  3. A person could also wait to catch a bus, then ride it to the train, wait to catch the train, and ride it, if one were so determined.

    But when one can park connected to the downtown tunnel system and avoid Houston’s elements, why bother?

    Unless one is just devoted to being world-class (sweaty or wet, depending on the season). 🙂

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