Habs all over London

There hasn’t been much time to add anything to the website since arriving in London. Airline seats seem to get smaller every time I fly, or am I getting bigger? It’s not pleasant being scrunched up like that for ten hours. I went straight to a Bikram class in Chiswick to get straightened out. Nice place with a great view over the green. I kept getting distracted by the tops of red double decker buses going past the first floor window (that’s second floor to our American reader). Saw a few Habs last night. We ate a Japanese restaurant on Bury Street. Here’s a picture of the chef fixing mango and ice cream desserts. Jim oohs and William looks as if he’s seen it all before. No, Nick, I don’t know why the heck you weren’t there. You have a right to feel left out.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the big party. Seventeen Habershons are expected. Wonder if there’ll be any crashers?

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