Habershon golf outing

Hello, Habs. I know a few things about this picture and have figured out a few other things:

– It was taken this weekend.

– Left to right: Paul, Libby, Nick, Charlie, Jim

– It was taken somewhere in England.

– It was cold.

Now let’s have some more details please. Where did you play? Who had the best score? How many Habs were in attendance? How many beers were consumed? Who lost the most balls? And what was the highlight of the day?

Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Habershon golf outing”

  1. Yes, we all enjoyed it. I’m sure. Six golfers: David, Libby, Emsworth Jim, Charlie, Paul and Nick. Two days’ golf at Colmworth and North Bedfordshire GC where I am a 5-day member. Clare came up on the Saturday evening and chauffeured a buggy on the Sunday. We were so lucky with the weather – cold only compared with Houston! I certainly did not need more than a sweater. The Emsworth Habs all stayed at the Travelodge half a mile from Curlew Crescent but had breakfasts and suppers at No 42. Libby (and Clare on Sunday) were a huge help making sandwiches for lunches on the move (tee times were at 1200(Sat.) and 1050(Sun.).

    The old’uns played as a 3 on Saturday watching the Hab lads ahead of us losing a huge number of balls. They can all hit prodigious distances (I’m envious!) but do not play regularly enough to have scores under control. We would have swapped players around on Sunday but the boys wanted to take out 2 buggies. Anyway the competition was on Stableford scoring so we were all playing versus the course. Libby(36) and Paul(22) were the only players with official handicaps so all the others had to play off the men’s maximum of 28. Libby was the star of the show, especially on the Sunday when she actually played to her handicap, something not achieved by anyone else. Jim improved tremendously on the second day. On the 18th tee Nick probably should not have told him that he needed only an 8 to break 100, because he then had a disastrous 9 via a lake. Final scores (Stableford points over 2 rounds): Libby 65, Paul 61, Jim 57, Charlie 55, Nick 48, David 40, thus suggesting that regular play matters more than age.

    We are looking forward to the next event on the Hab golf circuit, perhaps at Mendip GC, Richard?

  2. An error and some omissions in my original report.

    Libby was not the only one to play to handicap in a round. On the Sunday Jim actually played one shot better by scoring 37 points. His total score of 57 was 20+37.

    What about Martha? Unfortunately she had a working weekend with Heineken Cup rugby matches at Cardiff and Leicester. Many thanks to her for letting Nick have their car. I saw that Tim Henman went round St Andrews in 6 under par, so Martha should also be able to crack the mysteries of golf.

    Also thanks to Pam for cooking a fine curry for us when David and Libby came up on the Friday evening. Pam plays table tennis but not golf.

    Why are David and Clare not in the picture? David was behind the camera and Clare happened to be in the clubhouse playing with the resident dogs.

  3. Thank you, Paul. I can picture it all now. The curry sounds like the best part. Shocked that you are riding golf carts. I can’t stand those things. Think of what it does to your spine when you stand up after sitting down and take a golf swing. OUCH!

    Is Pam good at table tennis? Can you beat her?

  4. Thank you Paul for organising the weekend and all the meals you and Pam provided. Delicious sandwiches and Sainsbury’s mini pork pies are a bit special. The weather held and we all had a great time. Good to see the boys and Clare enjoying themselves. Only trouble is my golf is just appalling – well done everybody else! Slicing’s the problem mostly. Jim thinks there should be circular golf courses with the fairways going clockwise – that would solve it.

  5. David’s golf is nowhere near as bad as he says. He can hit a much greater distance than I can and got a respectable number of Stableford points last weekend despite not playing regularly. You don’t get that number of points without mostly getting the ball into the hole in not much more than par. If he plays more regularly, probably when retired from work, he will cut out most of the ‘blobs’ (i.e. non-scoring holes).

  6. That reads like a Marlborough School report, Paul. Talking about slicing the ball, it sounds as if it could be in the Habershon genes. I seem to remember deliberately aiming onto the road on the left at the fourth hole at Mendip GC so tht it went somewhere near the fairway.

  7. I agree about the Sainsburys mini pork pies. They bring a new meaning to the word ‘lush’ !! Trouble is that tum-tum expands at the same time. Hundreds and hundreds of calories I’m afraid. 2 rounds of golf for a counterblance.

  8. Hope you mean Marlborough HOUSE, Richard. Pleased to have captured the genre. On the slicing, in my mind’s eye I remember you doing it on the 9th tee so that it curved out over the lower 13th fairway and back into the middle of the correct one.

    The biggest golf laugh I’ve had since you sent your club cartwheeling into the trees when it slipped from your grasp as you teed off the short 10th at Mendip was at a previous Habershon outing a few years ago at Southwick Park GC near Portsmouth. You know the rule about not grounding your club one iota when in a bunker; well, I turned round to see Ed H (blissfully unaware of the rule) take several practice swings in a bunker with the sand flying everywhere. Luckily I don’t think any members saw the episode.

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