Driving in London

More on the theatre trip. It was great being chauffered through London by Ricky and family. How anyone drives in the city without getting an ulcer is beyond me. Anyway, Ricky seemed to handle it well and we didn’t mow down any pedestrians or get hit by any taxis or buses. Our main worry was finding a parking space once we got to the theatre. And would you believe, just as we arrived, there was a car pulling out of a space about 20 feet from the entrance! Things like that always happen to Ricky.

When we’d parked, a Chinese tourist pointed at our right front tyre. It was flat as a pancake. We had fifteen minutes until the show started, and Ricky was confident that he could change it in five.

He did!

We zipped into the theatre, picked up the tickets, went to wash our hands which were filthy after the tyre change, found our seats, sat down, breathed in, the lights went out and the orchestra started. Great timing!

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  1. There was a very long nail in my tyre. Fortunately the tyre was repairable and should take me another 8000 miles. ATS charged me £16.00 for the repair but added a few airmiles on to my account. Helen and I will get to Houston one day, we hope.

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