City Sewer Replacement Project – Day 402

They’re still here. Every morning I wave to the workers and ask them when they’re leaving. The response is usually: “Que?”

It looks a bit tidier, but after yesterday’s rain we are bracing for mosquitoes.

When they’ve gone (HAH!) we are going to scatter wildflower seeds over it and hope they have time to grow before the owner starts building his townhomes.

Of course, the perfect solution would be to round up enough Habs to buy the lot. It is increasing in value every day (up to about $170,000 right now). We could plant trees and call it “Habershon Square.” Whatcha think, Habs?

3 thoughts on “City Sewer Replacement Project – Day 402”

  1. You are handling this a lot better than I ever could or would..
    Why not plant the green plant that repels mosquitos?? I never can remember tha is not a bad looking or smelling plant…perhaps it would help?
    *The citronella-scented geranium, also sold as the citronella or mosquito plant and candles, do emit a fragrance that repels mosquitoes, but the range is only a couple inches from the plant or candle.*
    Just plant a lot…who would know? I also hear different herbs help, such as basil and anise..
    I hope they are soon through and out of your neighborhood!

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