Brother in Warsaw

David‘s in Poland this week. He’s attending the 5th Northern European Conference on Veteran Support and is the only UK representative. I went to look at the website and clicked on the UK flag for English. In spite of that, almost every other word is unpronouncable. Can you say “Zbigniew Bednarski” without blinking? I also notice that David will be giving a presentation at 11 o’clock on Wednesday morning.

Jak życzyć og√≥lnie szczęścia, bro.!

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  1. Fortunately the whole conference was conducted in English. With no Americans, Canadians, Australians or NZs present I was the only native speaker. Interesting week – the older generation of Poles are still very Communist in their outlook while the younger ones are rapidly breaking away and adopting Western attitudes. A big generation gap rather like we had in England in the 1960s.

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