2017 Christmas Quiz results

Here are the handicapped (one point per person deducted for participants exceeding 4) results of the 2017 Christmas Quiz:

1st – Emsworth Habs (4) 36
2nd – Salisbury Habs (6) 33
3rd tied – Lovington Habs (6) 32
3rd tied – Houston/Copenhagen Habs (4) 32
5th – Africa Habs (6) 31
6th – Hempstead Habs (6) 26

Our quizmaster, Paul, advises: “The questions which proved the most difficult, with only one correct out of six, were the Albanian Mount Korab, the mercury in the strip light, and, ironically, the Haber-Bosch process for ammonia.”

Congratulations, Emsworth Habs! An Amazon gift certificate is on its way to you. And bear in mind that one you has to set next year’s quiz.

And here are the answers. Paul says that if anyone has a dispute over their score he’ll be happy to review their entry form!