14th Annual Christmas Quiz Results

From David:

1st Bedford Habs – 72.7% (40/55 with 6 participants – net 38)
2nd Emsworth Habs – 50.9% (34/55 with 10 participants – net 28)
3rd = Houston Habs – 43.6% (31/55 with 11 participants – net 24)
3rd = Lovington Habs – 43.6% (29/55 with 8 participants – net 24)

I hope you all enjoyed the quiz this year. Congratulations Paul’s team for easily the highest score with the lowest number of participants. Amazon gift voucher follows and the privilege of setting the 2017 Christmas Quiz!

Quizmaster’s comments: The correct answers are at right here. Teams did well in the Natural History and particularly the Science & Medicine sections. Perhaps we should all have been doctors. All teams knew who founded the Salvation Army (Q26). I wonder why? Nobody got the right answer to Q2, the chronological order of four film actors’ deaths.