The 13th Annual Christmas Quiz Results and Answers

From Jim:

…After much delay I am finally ready to reveal the results of the 2015/6 Habs Christmas Quiz. I hope that you all enjoyed taking part. Click here for the answers and here for the coke bottle answers. I’m sure you will all be amazed to hear that not one team this year managed full marks on any of the rounds.

The closest were smart ale(x) Nick and co who despite correcting the quizmaster of Halifax Town’s current non league status were unsure of the Cartwright Rules. Even the Houston Habs though were unsure of these rules so I guess that’s not so bad after all. With a big movie producer and Empire subscriber on their team, the Catford Habs also came close in the film round and fell only because of a lack knowledge of Spencer Tracy’s career. With the UK’s Ambassador to Djibouti and African Union Representative on their team the Addis Habs should’ve cleaned up on the Africa Round but could only muster a 9/13. At least they did correctly identify the Ethiopian Coke bottle as did the Shropshire Habs of course. Well done to all of those who realised that all the answers in the ZZZZZ round did in fact start with Z.

So without further ado the results:

1) 61 – Catford Habs
2) 54 – Kent Habs
3) 53 – Addis Habs
4) 50 – Bedford Habs
5) 44 – Houston & Shropshire Habs
7) 43 – Torremolinos Habs
8) 32 – Somerset Habs

So congratulations to the Catford Habs who now have the honour of setting next year’s quiz…