2014 Christmas Quiz answers and results

Hello all Habs and Honorary Habs!

Lovely to see all the Habs Christmas Quiz entries this year. The four quiz team answer sheets have taken priority over my English & Maths marking load this holiday. (Can I get away with giving the quiz to my class (8-9 year olds) for their English homework on my return!?)

We hope you enjoyed (at least some of) the questions. We found it tricky to pitch them at the ‘right’ level, not too easy or hard, and Quizmaster 2013, Ant, was certainly a very hard act to follow. Looking forward to being back ‘on the other side’ next year!

Temptation to give bonus points goes to … the Houston Habs for:

Their answer to ‘Which Christmas slogan was introduced by Clarissa Baldwin of Dogs Trust in 1978?’ … ‘Keep Calm and Neuter On’.

Stamping ‘Lovely couple (extra point?)’ over our onesie/Christmas jumper picture!

We are also concerned that our answer for the grammar/tense question did not precisely match my Dad’s, who is always my font of all knowledge, especially where the English Language is concerned!

The total number of possible points was 55. We gave one point for each correct answer, half a point for a partially correct answer (in true festive spirit!), and we rounded up the grand total as necessary. We also deducted the traditional one point for each additional participant in teams of more than 4.

You can see the questions and answers by clicking here.

So …

In 4th place, with 24 points, the Houston Habs (5 participants) (Catherine, John and friends) – apologies with hindsight for the lack of US related questions.

In 3rd place, with 33 points, the Mill Close Habs (9 participants) (Richard, family and friends. And Helen, we hope you are feeling better too!)

In 2nd place, with 34 points, the Bedford Habs (4 participants) (Paul and family) – Just FYI, Dad voluntarily commented that ‘Chris and Clare were impeccably behaved’ throughout the Bedford Habs Quiz answering process(!)

AND IN 1ST PLACE … clear and worthy winners, back at the top, our 2014 Hab Champions, with 41 points (2 more than last year’s winners’ total), THE EMSWORTH HABS (7 participants – David and family).

Happy New Year!

Lots of Love, Quizmaster (and mistress) 2014,

Clare and Chris xxx