60th Birthday Skydive

Greetings, Habs. I jumped out of an aeroplane today at 14,000 feet to celebrate my 60th birthday. John put the video on YouTube but it was blocked by Sony Music. It’s on my Facebook page, but I know most of you don’t go there. So here’s another way for you to look at it, if you want. Click here and open the file.

Yes, it was very, very scary. There were seven pages of forms to sign and initial. I read them quickly and words such as “kill,” “death,”
“malfunction,” “lawsuits,” etc., jumped out at me all over the place. Then I had to watch a 15-minute video which explained all the forms again. Then I had about 20 minutes of tandem instruction, then a plane ride that went on for ever and ever. Occasionally, one of the jumpers would just open the plane door and jump out. A bit like getting off at different bus stops in the sky? The free fall lasted for just over a minute. The air was cool and wet. Then the parachute opened at 6,000 feet (whew!) and we floated for about six more minutes as the air became warmer and dryer. The landing was easy. Really the instructor did all the work.

It was so scary that I signed up for a second jump at half price. John might do it next time. Or I might wait for my 70th birthday.

What a great year to turn 60! Wish I could be over there for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Long live the Queen!