2011 Quiz Results

From Antony:

Greetings, Habs!

This quiz proved a bit of a challenge! Apologies from me, your Quizmaster, Antony Mason (brother of Libby). You won’t ask me again any time soon – but you don’t have to: the Masons did not have any Habershons among them, as their usual Habershon contingent had scarpered to Australia!

Some of the questions were admittedly fiendish… Most of others seemed to me to be more or less within range… Heigh ho!

Anyhow, you can see a full list of the questions, answers and explanations by clicking here.

And now, here are the results of the Eighth Annual Habershons.com Quiz

There were four entries:

In 4th place, with 14 points, The Houston Habs (they had 7 participants, which knocked 3 points off their total).

In equal 2nd place, with 17 points each, The Castle Carey Habs (8 participants), and the Emsworth Habs (5 participants)

And the WINNERS for 2011… [overlong pause, as seen on TV]… are.. [another pause]… The BEDFORD HABS with 22 points (4 participants).

Congratulations, Bedford Habs! A £10 Amazon Gift Certificate on its way to you.

Yes, well done, Bedford Habs. Their team consisted of Paul, Pamela, and two bridge players. They were playing in a tournament in Chester at the time.

Thank you, Antony! We Houston Habs loved the quiz, even if we didn’t know the answers.

And now we need a volunteer for next year’s quiz.

The Eighth Annual Habershons.com Christmas Quiz

It’s here! The moment you’ve all been waiting for.

A couple of Habershons will be without internet this Christmas, so the deadline for submitting your quiz answers has been extended. Here are the rules:

This quiz is open to any household that contains a Habershon, a née Habershon, a Habershons.com commenter, or anyone who resides on the Branch Office page.

One point will be awarded for each correct answer. One point will be deducted/added for each household with more than/fewer than four participants. For example, if there are ten participants, six points will be deducted. And if there are only two participants, two points will be added.

The team with the highest score will receive a £10 (or equivalent currency) Amazon gift voucher. If there are more than eight entries a second prize will be awarded. Correct answers and the team results will be published on the website as soon as possible after the closing date.

No looking up answers on the internet or in reference books. All answers must come straight from your heads. Submit your answers to the Webmistress (cjathearn @ gmail.com) no later than 11pm GMT on Thursday, December 29th.

As usual, no correspondence will be entered into, and the Quizmaster’s decision is final. Only one entry per household.

Thank you, Antony, for setting the quiz. Note, Habs, that he will also be grading it. Once I have all your entries I’ll forward them to him.


Good luck, and a Merry Christmas to everyone!

Yes, there will be a quiz

Just because it’s quiet around Habershons.com does not mean that there will be no Christmas quiz this year. I am pleased to announce that compilation is well under way.

(small drum roll here)

Yes, the Eighth Annual Habershons Christmas Quiz‘s Quiz Master is none other than Antony Mason. This is especially good news, because without Antony’s participation the Emsworth Habs don’t stand a chance of winning this year. Also, the Bedford Habs are nicely scattered. In fact, we here in Houston think that this could actually be OUR YEAR. The only worry is that the Stables Habs (or do they have a different name now?) may invite Adrian over for Christmas. Not good, as Adrian was recently spotted on Mastermind.

Anyway, it’s good to dream.

The quiz and rules will be uploaded closer to Christmas. If any of you need it earlier than, say, Christmas Eve, let me know.