Message book

Greetings, Habs. Sorry not to have kept things up to date too much here. I know it would only take five minutes out of the day to post something. Will try to do better, but am making no promises.

Anyway, I’ve just been checking out the Message book and wonder if anyone else does. This post from a lady called Ann made me smile:

I was employed by JJ Habershon and Sons in the print department at Holmes Rolling Mills, I was interviewed by John Habershon and started work on 16 December 1963. I was very surprised to receive a ten pound fresh turkey, as a thank-you from the Company to the employees, my mother was delighted. Lovely happy days, Wonderful firm to work for 🙂

Cool, huh?

There are quite a few other messages. Please feel free to send emails to the writers or answer their questions.