Bedfordshire Chess

From the Leighton Buzzard Observer (I love Google Alerts!):

Bedfordshire’s chess players faced Hertfordshire in the Minor Counties Final and came out 9-7 winners in a hard-fought match.

Luton player Michael Joseph and Bedford’s Steve and Andrew Ledger earned draws as did Alan Brown, Charles Tippleston, Branko Prinanic, Vaughan Griffiths (Northampton), Richard Freeman, Paul Kendall, (Milton Keynes) along with Peter Hunt and Adrian Matthews (Leighton Buzzard).

Bedford’s Paul Habershon earned a fine victory in his clash, as did Graham Smith (Milton Keynes) while Colin Solloway (Milton Keynes) also held his nerve to triumph as Beds edged home.

Chess can seem very exciting when my brother’s involved.

Beyond the Clouds

It’s here, Habs and fans. Our very own Helen Habershon is launching her second CD. Start by clicking on the graphic to view the magnificent cover.

For those of you who loved Found in the Rain, “Beyond the Clouds” will not disappoint. This one has not only clarinet and piano, but ‘cello and violin. Helen’s website is currently being updated with more information, but for now, here’s what I pulled from Amazon’s website:

Beyond the Clouds is a recording of 21 ‘Songs Without Words’ composed by Helen Habershon and performed by Helen Habershon (Clarinet) with John Lenehan (Piano), Alexander Baillie (‘Cello) and Katalyn Kertesz (Violin). Helen writes: ‘In this, my second CD of ‘Songs Without Words’, I would like to take you on a voyage through both time and space. My hope is that you the listener, will allow yourself to let go of the world that you are in, that of time and doings, and join me on a timeless journey, wherever your imagination takes you. We travel to that place of timelessness wherein lies the past, present and future. You are free to travel through stars and clouds, visiting mountains and forests telling their tales of Ancient Times and Yesterdays Dreams. We hear the song of a Dartmoor Stream and its Sunlit Waterfall. We are told the plaintive story of Baggy Point, a beautiful headland that proudly stretches out, flanked by the North Devon sea. We are embraced by the emotional state of love, that spirit which is there for all of us if we open our hearts and invite it to be our friend. We watch the red flames of the beautiful Setting Sun and feel the mystery of its passing Into the Quiet of the Night. I hope that you enjoy the journey and it will always be a part of you’. Helen Habershon June 2011.

So there you have it. All you need to do now is buy the darn thing. If you’re in the U.K., it’s available on Amazon. Unfortunately they won’t ship to the U.S.A. However, it’s also available at CDBaby. Download or snail mail.

And for those of you who haven’t yet bought “Found in the Rain,” what the heck is the delay? It’s still available on Amazon UK AND Amazon U.S.