Emsworth Habs at Wimbledon

While most Habs endure the Monday daily grind, David emails from Wimbledon: “Murray won and shook hands first (obviously read Paul’s letter!). Venus Williams struggling. Serena already out on another court. Nadal next. Celebs spotted – Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Cliff Richard and Boris Johnson.”

He really is there on the best day. See this Wall Street Journal article from Saturday.

UPDATE: For the cheap Habs (and there are plenty of us) who are not willing to pay the Times Online for the privilege of reading Paul’s letter, here it is:


I accept that the winner of a Wimbledon match feels intense pleasure. However, the victor’s first duty is surely to shake hands and be pleasant to the opponent. Instead we often witness a ritual of selfish celebration: the melodramatic fall to the turf, the fist pump, the arms raised to the crowd. This is insulting to the waiting loser. Even some players supposedly renowned for their good manners are guilty of this gloating behaviour.

Yours sincerely

Paul Habershon