What are your Royal Wedding plans?

What are everyone’s Royal Wedding plans? Anyone having a party? Do any of my nephews and nieces find it a bit of a yawn? Any anarchists in the Hab family these days?

Me? I’m taking the day off from both jobs and will be getting up at 3 a.m. to watch it. I’ve invited people to come over but have no idea if anyone other than John’s mum will show up. I’ll be flying the Union Jack outside, hanging some bunting, and also have two Kate and William flags to stick in the front lawn in case anyone can’t find the house. We’ll be drinking mimosas and eating strawberries around 7 a.m. when the service is over. And I’m hoping that John will get up in time to fix breakfast.

We have about six different TV channels to chose from. Five are in HD. Unfortunately the one that isn’t in HD is BBC America which will be covering the whole thing using the British commentary and without commercials. The picture will be okay, but there’s really nothing to beat HD. Decisions, decisions.

So let’s hear it, Habs. What are your plans?

Easter 2011

Happy Easter, Habs! Our brunch guests have just left. I cooked them Eggs Benedict. I don’t really like Eggs Benedict, but it’s John’s favourite breakfast. It causes such a mess in the kitchen. You have to make the Hollandaise sauce, toast the muffins, cook the Canadian bacon, and poach the eggs and it all has to be timed right. Anyway, rather than post a picture of the Eggs Benedict I decided it was high time we had a picture of Alicia on the website. This one (with some nice Easter colours) was taken when she was three days old, I think.