Louise Whited (1943-2010)

John and I have just returned from Pawhuska, Oklahoma. It was a sad trip as we went to a funeral. Louise Whited’s. Habs, you will all recognize her name as she was one of our valued and prolific Habershons.com commenters. She’s the lady who was always contributing pictures of her husband Frank’s vegetable patch.

We met her for the first time about ten years ago on our annual Memorial weekend camping trip. She and Frank always showed up with home-grown asparagus and the best potato salad. The last couple of years they didn’t make it as she was in failing health.

Here’s a link to her obituary. Interesting to note that, just like mum, she was 67 years old and married for 42 years to a Navy man.

RIP, Louise. You’ll be missed on Habershons.com.

Roman coins found near Frome

From today’s Guardian:

The largest single hoard of Roman coins ever found in Britain has been unearthed on a farm near Frome in Somerset.

A total of 52,500 bronze and silver coins dating from the 3rd century AD – including the largest ever found set of coins minted by the self proclaimed emperor Carausius, who lasted seven years before he was murdered by his finance minister – were found by Dave Crisp, a hobby metal detectorist from Devizes, Wiltshire.

. . .

Does anyone know which farm?

Rain and newspapers

The rain here in Houston has prompted me to run something by all you Habs and wannabe Habs. Let’s have a ruling on this:

Remember we cancelled our Wall Street Journal delivery (which was in my name) because it got too expensive? Then in April 2009 John got a special offer for $99 for a year. That year was up in April, and so that his credit card wouldn’t automatically be charged for a second year at the normal rate, he called to cancel. That request was half met. His credit card was not charged, but the paper is still landing on our lawn every morning.

So what do you think? Should we come clean? I know there are at least three Habs who have had a paper route in the past. Would you be upset if you knew you were delivering a newspaper to someone who wasn’t paying for it? Bear in mind that we do tip the carrier every Christmas. John’s theory on all this is that they are lucky we’re not prosecuting them for littering our lawn every morning. My take is that we help boost the circulation figures.

And what does the rain have to do with all this? Well, whenever the paper got wet we only had to call a number and a dry one would be delivered within the hour. This morning’s was soggy, in spite of the plastic wrapping. I didn’t have the cheek to request a fresh one.

Jamie's farm

Jamie has been busy since our visit to The Stables in April. The vegetable patch is thriving and the birds are laying around nine quail eggs and three chicken eggs a day. He has 86 quail eggs in the incubator almost ready to hatch. The cocks will be fattened up for Christmas and the hens will be kept for laying. He and Gina are starting up a luxury catering company and are already using their own produce and quail eggs for dinner parties for clients in the South West.

Log in to see the pictures. (photography by Gina)