Daff watch

Not long now until our vacation in England. I miscalculated the daffodil peak season, though. According to this Daily Telegraph article, daffodils appear in March in the Lake District, not mid-April.

The area’s flowers, celebrated by William Wordsworth, are normally blooming by late February.

But after the coldest winter in 31 years, there is no sign in the vales and hills of Wordsworth’s famous “host of golden daffodils”.

Hopefully the weather will stay on our side and there will be plenty left when we arrive.

Robert Wingo's story

Tomorrow I’ll be halfway through the Bikram Yoga 60-day Challenge.

It’s been quite a challenge so far. It’s almost impossible to fit in practice when I teach two classes in the morning and then go to my other job. I actually took three classes on Saturday to catch up. Felt pretty good afterwards, though!

That being said, it’s quite humbling to read Robert Wingo’s (one of our students) blogpost right here.

Sales skills sharpening needed

I was chuckling down memory lane the other day as I read Ricky’s comment about Dates in Frome. They never had anything you were looking for. It was always “coming in on Thursday.” And the employees were terrible. Once I went in there to ask for some batteries for my radio. The man behind the counter grimly responded: “We only have Ever Ready.” Well, DUH?!

Forty years later I find that I’m just as rotten when it comes to sales. A yoga student decided this morning that she’d like to buy a new Breathe Mat. They were right behind me, and I told her that we only had black or purple. Why did I say that? Why not, “Of course. Would you like black or purple?” She didn’t buy one. Decided she’d stick with her old, frayed one.

Both colours are really nice, too. I love the purple.

John sometimes calls me his “little ray of sunshine.”