Habershon golf outing

Hello, Habs. I know a few things about this picture and have figured out a few other things:

– It was taken this weekend.

– Left to right: Paul, Libby, Nick, Charlie, Jim

– It was taken somewhere in England.

– It was cold.

Now let’s have some more details please. Where did you play? Who had the best score? How many Habs were in attendance? How many beers were consumed? Who lost the most balls? And what was the highlight of the day?

Thank you.

Habershons.com visitors

I’ve just looked at the Habershons.com message book for the first time in many months. There are a few new posts there (one from one of your ex-students, Helen) and there’s also one from a Frank Jones, who was born at Coleford House:

My brother Philip sold Coleford House to your family. Paul came to see us in Louisville about 1961. Brought a very nice cheese dish as a gift from Margaret. Paul stayed with us that week-end.

It is nice to see Coleford House again. I have a copy of the original layout of the grounds. The house was for sale, my father Dr. Philip Jones was at that time the tenant. he bought the house in 1899. Would be glad to hear from any of you. I have just completed my Memoirs and they are on the market at Amazon.com. Coleford House of course is well represented.

He says he was born in “the cold room”. That had to be mine on the east side of the house! I could see my breath every morning when I woke up.

It would be cool if the current owners stumbled on Habershons.com.

"Found in the Rain" news

Exciting news! Classic FM is now playing Helen’s CD. The title track, “Found in the Rain” was played yesterday for the first time. Here’s a link to their review.

Here’s music that’s new to us, and which we think you’ll enjoy. The British pianist Helen Haberson has composed twelve delightful songs without words, and they’re performed here by pianist John Lenehan – with Helen herself on clarinet for a couple of pieces. This is calm, reflective and pastoral music, which we’ll be featuring regularly on Smooth Classics and Relaxing Classics in the weeks ahead.

Unfortunately you can only listen to the station if you’re in the UK. I get a rude message asking me to enter my post code.

Good marketing job, Ricky and Helen! I hope you sell lots and lots and lots of copies!