Cooking failure

It’s my cooking week. John and I alternate. One of us is responsible for all evening meals from Monday through Friday and has to wash all the dishes. In other words, the other person does absolutely nothing. Weekends we play by ear.

My plan this week was to try cooking John’s favourite dish — Chicken Tikka Masala. It was my first attempt. I found a recipe and decided to make enough to last three evenings. The recipe was complicated (two days’ preparation), with lots of interesting spices. (On a side note, isn’t cardamom expensive? I’d never bought it before). The recipe called for an overnight chicken marinade, so I started yesterday.

When I got home from work I broiled the chicken and worked on the sauce. It looked delicious. Then I tasted it.

Inedible. Far too much cayenne pepper. We bravely managed a few bites before throwing it all out.

Six days until Chocolate Day

On Sunday, September 13th, I will have lasted for two full years without eating anything chocolate or chocolate-flavoured. You may remember that this started during my Bikram Yoga teacher training when I couldn’t face anything other than olives, baked potatoes, and hard boiled eggs with mayonnaise. The one-year anniversary was during Hurricane Ike.

Time to put an end to all this. On Sunday I plan to eat chocolate! The question is . . . what will it be? Shall I go to the Dessert Gallery and have a slice of this cake? Or how about some Vienna chocolate cake from Epicure? We could walk there. I’m also partial to See’s Candies milk chocolate soft center lemon creams. Or I could head out to the British Isles Shop in Rice Village and buy a genuine Cadbury’s Flake, bring it home, and make myself a 99. Or maybe a Peppermint Aero or a tube of Munchies?

Whatever I decide, it’s going to be a wonderful experience.

Of course, I really hope it gives me a headache and makes me feel ill.

Party at Emsworth – August 23rd, 2009

Habershons gathered at the Horndean Road residence for food and drink. Ed was home from Australia for a while and had just got engaged to Candice.