Chess in Torquay

The British Chess Championships are underway in Torquay. After a little digging around I notice that Paul is entered in the Senior Championship that begins on Saturday. There are 29 entrants.

You may remember his brilliant third place finish in 2007. I’m not sure what happened in 2008, but this is 2009. Let’s root for him.

Follow the game by game results right here.

Good luck, Paul! Do us Habs proud!

FOLLOW-UP August 7th: Two wins, four draws, and no losses (4 points total). Fifth place overall. The winner had 4 1/2 points. Not bad, Paul.

Another vegetable patch

These are radishes. Click on them to see the Stables vegetable patch. Having admired Frank’s vegetable patch below, Ricky felt the need to send some pictures of his (in Glastonbury, England, for you non-Habs). Jamie did most of the work. Gina (who is also the photographer) and Ricky helped with the digging when it was all grass.

Click here to see a courgette plant (known as zucchini over here).

Perhaps you could tell us exactly what else you’re growing, Ricky?

We're coming to England

John and I are planning a vacation. The first one longer than four days since October 2006.

And where have we decided to go? England! We’ve rented a cottage in the Lake District for a week (hopefully when the daffodils are peaking) and then plan to stay in London for a couple of days.

When? April 2010. I know. It’s a long way off, but I feel in vacation mood already. Nothing like planning early. We’ve paid a deposit on the cottage. Now all we need is airline tickets and train passes.

The owners of the cottage sent us a confirmation this morning. They included directions to the cottage. It’s in Ambleside. Here are excerpts:

As you leave the town travelling north, you will see a steep road up to the right (off a mini roundabout) . . . up the winding hill for 400 yards, turn right immediately past the old Church on your right . . . is 100 yards down on the left.

My shins are already aching.

Henry Allingham, 1896-2009

David mentions in HabChat that St. Dunstan’s resident Henry Allingham died this morning. That should officially be posted on

Mr Allingham died in his sleep at 3.10am on Saturday at his care home near Brighton, after a life that saw him marked out as a national treasure. He was one of the last three surviving British veterans of the First World War.

He was also the last surviving founder member of the RAF, the last man to have witnessed the Battle of Jutland and the last surviving member of the Royal Naval Air Service.

On June 20 Guinness World Records had announced that Mr Allingham, who celebrated his 113th birthday on June 6, became the world’s oldest man after the previous incumbent, Tomoji Tanabe, died in his sleep at his home in Japan, also at the age of 113.

Full announcement here.

And the Daily Mail has a good write-up.