Found in the Rain review

We received our copy of Helen’s Found in the Rain on Thursday. As with all new music, I like to listen to it several times before passing judgment.

I have now played it four times and absolutely LOVE it. The music is beautiful, relaxing, melancholy, but uplifting. I think a movie should be made to go with it. My favourite track is . . . wait for it . . . yes, “Found in the Rain.” I’ve played that one about fifteen times. The clarinet sounds so lovely. John likes “Wind in the Grasses.” He closes his eyes and says that it actually sounds like . . . wait for it again . . . wind in the grass.

If there was one thing we would have suggested, it would be for there to be more clarinet. Such a lovely sound. The piano playing is great, too (is John Lenehan playing the Steinman?).

Helen, we are very impressed. Thank you for enriching our music collection. I’m sure all Habershons are going to be proud.

Long and thin steak for supper


Just got home from a rare trip (in 96 degree heat) to Central Market. It’s my turn to cook this week (John and I alternate), and they have boneless ribeye steak on sale for $9.99 a pound. That just happens to be John’s favourite steak. He said he likes it cut thick and small — perfect for the outdoor grill. I braved the crowds, made my way to the front of the meat counter, and asked for the thickest steak they had . . . cut in half.

Didn’t notice until I got to the checkout that they’d cut it in half horizontally instead of vertically. No way was I wheeling my cart back there to change it. John will manage.


South Boulevard studio mural

Click on the picture for a full view of the mural on the wall of my yoga studio. It was painted several months ago but I’ve never been able to get a picture of it — either because I forgot to take the camera with me or because there are always cars parked in front of it.

I like it, and hope it won’t fade too much. And whatever anyone thinks of it, it’s definitely a traffic stopper.

Shooting in Montrose

Bit of ongoing excitement outside our house. Yesterday evening I heard what sounded like gunshots but didn’t believe it. Very soon several police cars swooped down the street. Two stopped outside our house and blocked the street. Even a helicopter flew overhead. We had no idea what was going on. John went outside to ask and was told to get inside the house.

It appears from this article that a woman shot a retired policeman, ran into a neighbouring house and barricaded herself in. A SWAT team was brought in, and they’ve been trying to get her out. They’ve been talking to her through a megaphone all night.

This morning there are still flashing lights outside the house. I hope I can get out, because I have to teach a 6 a.m. yoga class.

See. Sometimes I have some real news. It’s not all goldfish.

Update 11:30 a.m. Tuesday: Here’s a link to the Houston Chronicle’s story. It appears that they sent dogs in and then she surrendered. If you wanted to get me out of a house, all you’d have to do would be to send in a dozen moths or a couple of bats.

We’ve never spoken to the policeman who was shot, but have often seen his car parked outside when he’s visiting his mother. We shared a common bond in that we were the only ones in the neighbourhood with McCain/Palin bumper stickers.

On the telly!

My Bikram Yoga studio was featured in a Channel 13 show called “Mirror Mirror” last night. John recorded and edited it (how does he DO all these geeky things?) and turned it into a file and uploaded it to

So you can watch it. Here!

And now, Habs, you can picture where I teach. Trust me, though, there are a lot more overweight and older and less bendy students at the studio than they show here. So if you’re thinking of trying Bikram Yoga, don’t be scared off!

George the goldfish

George the goldfish is doing fine. Yesterday was tank cleaning time and was a little hairier than expected. John got the water filter ready and then put George temporarily in a bowl. Yes, he even picked him up in his hands to transfer him — eek! We had jugs of dechlorinated water ready. Then John picked up the tank and walked outside with it to hose it down.

It slipped out of his hands.

And broke.

We got in the car and drove to PetCo at full speed. Fortunately they had a tank in just the same size. We were in a hurry (obviously) so didn’t have time to browse for fish toys, but I did grab a bag of splendid looking purple gravel.

George was in the temporary bowl for less than half an hour and didn’t seem too traumatized. Click here for a two-minute regular update.

And if you’d like to see George in action, watch this video clip. Notice how he swims really fast when he sees a human, knowing he’s about to get fed. Then notice how he relaxes afterwards.

We’re getting quite attached to George. And, fortunately, Maggie and Condi have shown very little interest in him.