Grave hunt

It was a gorgeous sunny day on our drive back from New Braunfels yesterday so we got off I-10 and took some side roads. We stopped at the Shiner Brewery in Shiner. No tours on Sunday so we had the place to ourselves. Strangely enough, we couldn’t smell any beer.

L has some ancestors buried in Old Moulton, so we also made a detour there to look for their grave. It was a huge, HUGE graveyard, and the four of us fanned out and searched for a long time. L found it first.

John found the gravestone in the picture. Click on it and study it. We’d never seen one before where the people had not actually died yet. Talk about planning ahead!

Third visit to Dry Comal Creek

Hope all Habs had as nice a weekend as we did. We got in the car with our neighbours, L & H, and drove west to New Braunfels. The main purpose of the trip was to attend a wine/cheese tasting at my favourite winery: Dry Comal Creek. It was a lot of fun. $35 per person. They start you off with a glass of wine of your choice (at 11:30 in the morning, mind you), give you a sticker with your name on it, and then give you a tour of the winery. The owner, Franklin, is a retired plaintiff’s lawyer. He had some interesting stuff to tell us. For example, you can make a small fortune from a winery if you start with a large fortune. Anyway, everyone was quite merry and we all knew each others names!

After the tour, which also included some port sampling (euchhh!) we returned to our tables (with name cards) where there were six glasses of wine lined up, plus five kinds of cheeses (with crackers), and a dessert, along with a list telling you which ones to pair. We were also given pens and order forms. They were very easy to fill out after two hours. While our orders were being filled, the ladies were blindfolded and instructed to take three whacks each at something called a pinata (sp?). Anyone who knocked a cork out of the thing got a free glass of wine.

Man, it was a lot of fun!

John and I left with 14 bottles of wine. My favourite remains the dry French Colombard. L & H also bought a case of several different reds and whites.

We spent the rest of the day and evening in Gruene where we tasted more wine, drank beer, listened to a band at Gruene Hall, and had dinner at the Grist Mill. Spent the night at the Prince Solms Inn in New Braunfels and returned home yesterday via a graveyard in Old Moulton.

Back to work.

Wednesday night at the ballpark

We had a good time at Minute Maid Park on Wednesday, apart from the fact that the Astros lost. We met up with two of my favourite fantasy Baseball friends — UMP and Humin’bird. Humin’bird spells his name like that because we only get ten letters and spaces for our online manager names. Here’s a picture of the three of us before the game. Humin’bird got us some great seats behind the Diamond Club. The Bush Seniors were there (Barbara had heart surgery quite recently). John got this picture of them as they left around the seventh inning. Those are Pudge Rodriguez’ feet at the top of the picture. The NASA STS-118 Space Shuttle crew were also there to throw out the first pitches. They looked very thin. Oh, and the National Anthem was beautifully sung by the lady who’s currently playing Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” in Houston.

I won’t talk about the eight runs the Cubs scored in the first two innings.

Good Friday so far

Have I mentioned before that Easter is my favourite holiday? Unfortunately we don’t get Monday as well, but I’ll go with three days. We have no plans here in Houston. I taught a Bikram class this morning and teach two more on Easter Day. Apart from that we’re just going to enjoy staying at home. We’ve just ridden our bikes to Kroger and found some yummy looking crab legs on sale. The fish man said they were caught in Russia. Long journey. John bought a steak, and we’re going to grill outside tonight.

Hope all Habs, loyal readers and lurkers have a good time planned.

Fruit problem

So . . . I bought an orange at Kroger. The cashier rang it up as a grapefruit at 50 cents. I politely pointed out her error. She credited me 50 cents and rang it up as an orange . . . 78 cents.


I brought the orange into work on Monday and only got around to eating it today. Guess what. It’s a grapefruit.

And rather a bitter grapefruit at that.

Where are all the good oranges these days?

Fire at 13Celsius

I won’t be able to give Callie a hard time any more about her tendency for setting off motel fire alarms. At 13Celsius last night I put the wine menu down on top of a candle and didn’t realize it until flames shot up from the table.

John doused the flames and we sat back, hoping that no one had noticed. Unfortunately the smell of burning paper gave us away. The server was very nice about it though, and didn’t throw me out.