Another picture from the attic

Here you go, Habs. This is a photograph of Ivy Winter’s marriage to Alfred Habershon (my paternal grandparents).

The back of the photo reads:

Uncle Percy & Auntie Annie
with love from
Alfred and Ivy July 2nd 1914

So who are Uncle Percy and Auntie Annie?

Peter Elliott to the rescue (what would do without Peter?). He writes to Suzanna:

. . . I remembered that in 1901 Ivy Winter was living with her Uncle & Aunt in Stockport. To be precise Rev. Edward P Alexander and his wife Annie Louisa. It appears that the P stands for Percy and that Ivy’s mother had an older sister named Annie Louisa. Hence Uncle Percy & Aunt Annie. Ivy must have been close to her cousin Phyllis Maude Alexander because Phyllis was staying with the Winter family in 1911. I woudn’t be surprised if Phyllis was bridesmaid at Ivy’s wedding. It is possble that the Rev Edward P conducted the service. There is a vicar stood to the left of John B Habershon.

Any guesses where Ivy’s father was standing? He was a Major in the RAMC and could be to the right of PJH. I notice that Fred Drummond had a cigarette in his hand. It would be great to identify other people in the photo. Just think Mum was probably being looked after by a nursemaid at Woodgrove.

Thank you, Suzanna for sending these pictures. If you should come across any more . . .

Picture from the attic

Suzanna has scanned and forwarded this picture (given to her by Jean) for, your major source of everything Habershon. Actually, she’s sent two, but you’re only getting one at a time as news and updates have been rather thin lately.

Who are they all?, you may ask. Well, you remember reading all about Frederick Drummond here? The picture is of his wedding to Ethelwyn Mary Habershon on May 4th, 1910.

Suzanna advises that she can only recognise Percy of any Habershon relatives. But she does remember her mum telling her that Wyn ran off with a young musician and the family weren’t happy about it at all. Perhaps most of the people in the photo belong to Fred’s family.

If anyone recognizes anyone else, please register/sign in and leave a comment.

Ducks, guns and deer

We’re now on Season Three of Gordon Ramsey’s f-Word. He is fast turning me into a vegetarian. The foie gras episode was just horrible. When the “farmer” walked into the barn to feed the ducks they all huddled terrified in the corner. I’ve never eaten foie gras and definitely never ever will now. On another note, though, it was heartening to see him go deer stalking, get a deer in his sights, and then be unable to pull the trigger.

Which leads me to a question. Haven’t guns been banned in Britain?

Mini factory layoffs

Now I know things are serious:

BMW has confirmed that 850 jobs are to go at the Cowley plant in Oxford, which makes the Mini, and that weekend working has been scrapped.

All agency workers who did the weekend shift at the factory have lost their jobs, with immediate effect.

The site is closing for a week after a fall in sales as a result of the economic downturn.

And the rest of it.

Brandenburgs — all six of 'em!

Last night we went to the Cullen Theater to hear a performance of all six of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos by Mercury Baroque. At one time or another on the stage were eight violins, three violas, three cellos, two viola da gambas (or should that be violas da gamba?), a violone, a flute, two recorders, three oboes, a trumpet, two horns, a harpsichord, and a conductor when he wasn’t playing the viola da gamba. There were a lot of firsts in it for me. One was that I’d never seen so many musicians standing to play rather than sitting; another was that I’d never heard period instruments played live; another was that I’d never heard the Brandenburgs played live. We’ve all heard the Brandenburgs so many times in our lives — in commercials, in movies, even in elevators — but I never realized how difficult they are to play. And another was that John was not ready to leave at the intermission! He was enjoying this concert a whole lot.

John and I were lucky enough to get discounted tickets from one of the violinists, Maria, who practises Bikram Yoga every morning at the South Boulevard studio. Having watched her stand and play for three hours I can see why. Friends, Kevin and Callie were up in the mezzanine and had a good view, as you can see from this picture Kevin snapped with his cell phone. Bad bad!

The music was absolutely wonderful. My favourite was No. 2. That’s the one with the trumpet in it. I love trumpets! And this one had no valves, which obviously made it a lot more difficult to play. A close second favourite was (I think) No. 5, with an amazing harpsichord cadenza(?) played by Sebastian Knebel.

After the concert we traipsed over the road to Mingalone’s and enjoyed wine, antipasto and raspberry sorbet. It was a very good Valentine’s day this year (or Halloween, as Kevin calls it).

Turkeys . . . pigs . . . lambs?

When I mentioned Gordon Ramsey earlier I of course went to find a link to The F-Word. It’s just occurred to me that he’s holding a lamb on the front of the website. Oh dear. I hope this doesn’t mean what I think it means. In Season One he decided to keep turkeys in his garden to show his children that meat doesn’t come from the supermarket. The slaughter before Christmas was shown in detail and was quite traumatic, even though they weren’t my pets and I hadn’t given them names. In Season Two he has two pigs delivered. They live a wonderful life and eat the best food. One of them even gets beer. In Episode (I think) 8 it’s time again for the slaughter. It was awfully sad watching them get loaded into the truck. They were all quiet and seemed to know what was about to happen. And Chef Ramsey seemed quite choked up, even more than his children. John and I didn’t watch the next part. We turned off the TV when Ramsey announced that the next segment was not for the squeamish.

So not lambs next. Please 🙁

Widowed again

John, for several reasons, stopped playing Day of Defeat. He hasn’t played it for about six months, but now he’s got hooked on a new game: Left4Dead. It’s a good time for it to happen, because it frees me up to start thinking about the upcoming fantasy (and real) Baseball season.

Anyway, if any of you are into first-person shooter games, come on by his place and join the crowd. It sounds as if he’s having a lot of fun . . . plenty of laughter coming out of his office. And instead of killing his friends this time, they’re all (four maximum) on the same side, killing zombies.

Yes, this is a perfect Sunday for us. Just pottering around, shooting zombies and cooking cheese soufflés.

Cheese soufflé

Remember those amazing cheese soufflĂ©s that Dad used to make for us? John and I have been working our way through Gordon Ramsey’s F Words and I woke up this morning deciding that I’d try cooking a cheese soufflĂ©.

It’s just gone in the oven for 30 to 45 minutes. I think it’s going to be a disaster, though, because I could NOT get the egg whites to form stiff peaks. I beat them and beat them and beat them and nothing happened, so I threw them in the blender and that only seemed to liquify them even more.

We’ll see what happens. Picture to follow.