Nick and Martha’s Wedding

1 p.m. Friday 30th January 2009 at St. Michael & All Angels, Winterbourne Earls, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.

Nick and Martha's wedding day is pleased to publish the very first picture of Nick and Martha’s wedding (at St. Michael & All Angels, Winterbourne Earls, Salisbury, Wiltshire at 1 p.m.) on the internet. Received from Ricky’s Blackberry.

Let’s see . . . from left to right and clockwise . . . Allen, Clare, Paul, Jean, Pam?, someone? David, someone else?, Libby. Help me out here, guys. And where are you all? At Wilton House by now?

Bride and groom, please!

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2-2-2009: Pictures received from Ricky and Clare and added to the album.

Chess news

Glad to see your mind’s still sharp, Paul:

Beds walloped Suffolk 11.5-4.5 in the latest round of county matches, with wins coming from Gary Kenworthy, Paul Habershon, Adrian Elwin, Kevin Williamson, Graham Borrowdale, Adrian Matthews, Peter Hunt, Michael Joseph and Michael Botteley.


I know, I know . . . how does she find this stuff?


Yes, John grounded me yesterday. Wouldn’t let me out of the house. Kept me away from the yoga studio and made me call my boss to say I wouldn’t be in to work. The sore throat appeared on Saturday, the headache on Sunday, the cough on Monday, the runny nose on Tuesday, and all four yesterday. Yuk yuk yuk.

I spent the day lounging around, alternating between sleeping, watching TV, and reading. The last two gave me a headache. What a waste of a day spent at home. John took care of me, though. He filled me a hot water bottle, made soup, and went out to buy some stuff called “Advil Cold & Sinus Liqui-Gels.” He actually had to sign for them at the pharmacy counter. Amazing when you think you can just buy codeine-laced tablets over the counter in England!

The Liqui-Gels are at least relieving the symptoms, if not curing them. I’m heading out this morning to teach the 6 o’clock yoga class and hope I don’t dissolve into a coughing fit.

Fingers crossed that John doesn’t get this, too.

My first good experience at Momentum Mini

Wendy is now thirteen months old and only has 8,200 miles on the clock. As her first official service isn’t until 15,000 miles I decided to take her in to Momentum Mini anyway for an oil change. Our appointment was for 9:30. We arrived at 9:20 and got immediate attention from a very nice man called “Joe.” I sat in the cafe and watched the pre-inauguration ceremonies on a television that was tuned to Fox News, and at 10:30 Joe came to fetch me and said I was all set. Wendy got an “Annual Low Mileage Oil Service”, a new air filter, a bubble bath, and a vacuuming. All FREE! What a nice surprise the whole experience turned out to be. Momentum has definitely improved its service department. The old space which handled about three Minis at once is now a space between the Service Department and the Sales Department. They’ve got space out back for the actual repair shop and have (I think Joe said) 15 whatchamacallems (stations? docks?) which I presume handle 15 Minis.

In the old days, taking Wendy in for service was an ordeal. I hope things stay like they are now.

Train mutiny

My brother‘s a “rolling stock campaigner”! Here’s the latest from the BBC on shorter trains:

A leaked memo has revealed a train company is running nearly 100 shorter trains a day to save money.

Rolling stock campaigner David Habershon said: “These daytime and weekend services are not empty, not at all. It is nothing more than a cost-saving measure without consulting the passengers.”

How is your campaign going anyway, David. Have you got rid of the uncomfortable 450s yet?

Scary job

There’s a man outside my window on a flimsy platform blowing in the wind bundled up against the cold caulking my window. Wish I had a camera.

Oh, my office is on the 11th floor of a 25-story building.

Of course, a job like that could last forever if he’s planning on doing everyone’s windows.