The Stables Habs grab the glory

Yes, we have a winner!

For the first time ever, the Stables Habs have won the Annual Christmas Quiz.

CONGRATULATIONS, STABLES HABS! An Amazon gift certificate is on its way to you.

As for the rest of us … well, you can check out Earthworm Jim’s detailed answer sheet. There’s a comment on every question, and the raw and adjusted scores are on the last page. I’m sure everyone will agree that Earthworm Jim did an excellent job setting the questions and grading the answers.

I understand from Ricky that there were eleven guests at The Stables this Christmas, but only five took part in the quiz as the rest had had too much wine. Unfortunately for the rest of us, Adrian (Ricky’s brother-in-law once removed?) was one of the participants and answered 85% of the questions. Tell him he is welcome to come and visit us in Houston for Christmas 2009, Ricky.

I found it interesting that the Bedford Habs (i.e. Paul) failed to answer Question 9. Only the Adelaide Habs had heard of the Alcatraz Coup?

Thank you again, Earthworm Jim, for a brilliant quiz.

Movie time

Finally! We have some spare time. We’re off to Australia.

It’s 2 hours and 45 minutes long. Surely there’ll be an intermission? Anyway, we’re going to the 11:30 a.m. showing and I’m drinking tea with caffeine in it. That way there’s a good chance I’ll stay awake for the entire movie.

FOLLOW-UP: Breath taking movie. Loved it. No intermission. Stayed awake.

Old age creeping up

I practised yoga in the front this morning, right in front of the podium*. There are mirrors on the sides of the podium and I had a real closeup view of myself as I put my chin on the floor before Cobra pose.

Horror of horrors! I have three grey hairs 🙁

*I’m normally a Row Three Girl, but Mike asked me to move there.

74 yogis on Christmas Day

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Ours was very busy. I taught the noon Bikram Yoga class (and only class of the day) and SEVENTY-FOUR people showed up! There were in fact 76 (4 brand new), but two left before class started, saying it was too crowded. It was quite scary, but I managed to get them all through the ninety minutes without anyone passing out in the steam and heat. If there’s one thing I wish I could do over though, it was to get everyone’s mat positions sorted out before starting the class. I had to interrupt the students between the two sets of Pranayama Breathing to move their mats to let a few stragglers fit in.

Meanwhile, back at home, John cooked a brilliant dinner. His sweet potato casserole was the best I’d ever tasted. It had pecans on top. YUM! The turkey was done to a turn, and we’re looking forward to turkey/lettuce/mayo sandwiches for the next few days.

Gifts this year included three Swatches (yes, I love Swatches!) and some opera glasses.

Four of us did the quiz. We found it very difficult. Let’s hope everyone else found it difficult, so we have a chance of winning this year.

So a Happy Boxing Day to all Habershons and loyal readers. I’ll be teaching the 4:30 yoga class and then have the whole weekend off!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all Habershons and loyal readers!

We have a busy day ahead of us. Over to John’s mum for coffee and opening stockings at 8:30. Back home at 10 so that John can start cooking the turkey. I teach a yoga class at noon (we are expecting between 5 and 80 students to show up). Then dinner around 4, or whenever the turkey is ready.

Tomorrow will be a little less busy. Turkey sandwiches (if John doesn’t burn the turkey today). Teaching a yoga class at 4:30.

And Saturday . . . completely free!

The 2008 Fifth Annual Christmas Quiz

It’s got to be Christmas Eve in Australia and New Zealand, so I’m uploading the 2008 Habershons Christmas Quiz before going to bed tonight. Our thanks go to last year’s winner, Mr. Earthworm Jim of the Filkins family of New York, who laboured over this year’s questions. Mr. Jim advises that he used the same format as last year’s quiz. He was, however, short on literature questions and combined them with the art and music questions. He also added a new category to replace last year’s “filched from The Economist” section. He consulted with some British citizens on some of the sports questions and admits he doesn’t understand a single word of Question 7. This is going to be interesting!

Once again, here’s a recap of the rules:

This quiz is open to any household that contains a Habershon, a née Habershon, a regular commenter, or anyone who resides on the Branch Office page.

The quiz comprises 56 questions divided into different sections. One point will be awarded for each correct answer. Last year’s handicapping system was quite effective, and will be used again. One point will be deducted/added for each household with more than/fewer than four participants. For example, if there are ten participants, six points will be deducted. And if there are only two participants, two points will be added.

The team with the highest score will receive a £10 (or equivalent currency) Amazon gift voucher. If there are more than eight entries a second prize will be awarded. Correct answers and the team results will be published on the website as soon as possible after the closing date.

No looking up answers on the internet or in reference books. All answers must come straight from your heads. Submit your answers to the Webmistress (cjathearn @ no later than 11pm GMT on December 28th.

As usual, no correspondence will be entered into, and the Quizmaster’s decision is final. Only one entry per household.

HERE’S THE QUIZ! Remember to print it before you head to your Christmas celebrations. I have not seen it but do know that it’s in .pdf format and is five pages long. The first and last pages have been left intentionally blank to prevent anyone from seeing a question in advance.

Good luck!

Three days until Christmas

Hope all Habs are enjoying the final few days leading up to Christmas and not stressing out too much. I’m not. In fact, it’s been a nice “fuzzy pink slippers” day. John is going to plan and prepare Christmas dinner (for four). I’m teaching a yoga class on Christmas Day at noon. My only other responsibility that day is to wash dishes.

I did help out a little this morning by driving to Whole Foods Market and buying a “fresh young” turkey: 12.1 lbs for $24.97. The label says it’s from Nature’s Rancher. I don’t see any cooking instructions on their website. Not my problem, though.

Maggie enjoyed the bag it came in.