New training location

Los Angeles, Hawaii, Acapulco, and now . . .

Palm Desert:

A famous yoga guru celebrated a hot deal in the desert on Monday with a different kind of bubbly — a bottle of fizzy Coca-Cola.

Bikram Choudhury, founder of the Yoga College of India, is the man behind practicing yoga in studios with triple- digit heat — made popular by stars such as Madonna and Quincy Jones.

A noteworthy achievement

Gotta love those Google Alerts. It looks as if Clare is making her mark on her new school, leading the choir to a win at the VOX festival of song.

A Teddington school choir has beaten tuneful competition from rival pupils in a festival of song.

Collis Primary School’s choir – directed by Clare Habershon – beat four other groups on November 12 in the finals of the VOX Festival of Song at Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Road, Teddington.

Job security!

The 42nd Annual Greek Festival

Houstonians! It’s time for the 42nd Annual Greek Festival. It starts tomorrow and runs through Sunday. If you’ve never been, now’s the time. The food is amazing. My favourite is the spanakopita and the loukoumades.

Once again, John and I would like to thank Callie (for the ninth year in a row) for giving us tickets for admission and food. Everyone should have a friend like Callie.

Three classes in one day

ARRRGGHHH! The horrors of Bikram Yoga Teacher Training. I’ve just read this in the blog of someone who’s taking the training right now:

On Wednesday night Bikram kept us up until 1:00 AM. We did our usual morning class and then for the evening class, we had a teacher from Australia. We were all shocked and secretly happy that it wasn’t Bikram who would have tried to kill us again! After that class was over and everyone was lying in Savasana (the resting pose), exhausted as usual after our second class of the day, Manali said she had a surprise for us and to stay in Savasana.

Well, we just laid there like a bunch of dead dogs and we heard, “check, check, 1, 2, 3, 4”, Bikram’s signature entrance when he comes in to teach. Yeah, you guessed it, it was our third class for the day! Surprise, surprise. You wouldn’t believe the reactions from people. There was disbelief, anger, shock, tears, lots of human emotions. We stood up to do the initial breathing exercise where you have your hands interlocked underneath your chin and you raise your elbows as you inhale. I couldn’t get my elbows to go up! I was so tired from the class I just finished. It wasn’t just me because EVERYONE else in the room had the same problem. People were swaying back and forth. Bikram was laughing and saying we all looked like dead meat! To shorten this story, I started out very weak but I gained momentum as the class went on and I did almost all the postures and never had to leave the room. People were running out in a mass exodus to get more water, others were fainting, throwing up, having to be carried out… reminded me of the first week! Bikram said that this was a test of how you handle adverse conditions that are handed you in life. I was happy to know that my way was to resist in the beginning, but eventually, resign myself and just do the best I could. One guy who is a former Navy Seal was dry heaving in Balancing Stick. Now that’s determination! Bikram wasn’t through with us because later, at lecture, he kept us up until 2:30 in the morning. We were all so tired, it was unbelievable. Then, of course, we got 4 hours of sleep and it was morning and time for another class. And I thought the 8th week was going to be easy!

It’s been a year, and I still can’t look back at those nine weeks without feeling a little anxious.