Where's the camera when you need it?

I noticed a lot of feathers on the ground as I pulled into the car park at yoga this morning. There are a few stray cats in the area, one a Condi lookalike, and I figured one of them had had a good breakfast.

When I got out of the car a feather landed on my shoulder, then a few more on Wendy‘s roof, and then more, landing like snow all around us. I looked up and saw a magnificent looking hawk standing on a tree branch devouring a bird. The feathers were flying everywhere.

It was a sad but amazing sight. Mike went out and had a look. He told me that he’d look up the hawk in his Indian Totems book. Unable to wait, I checked it out on the internet.

Hawk – Messenger, intuition, victory, healing, nobility, recollection, cleansing, visionary power, and guardianship.

So what’s your totem animal, Habs and loyal readers?

Great fish and chips

Following a geek trip to Fry’s yesterday to buy a tiny cable to hook up to one of the three (yes, three) fans in my new computer we stopped for lunch at Texas Land and Cattle. Not my first choice as I don’t eat red meat, but John had a hankering for some sirloin, and he was, after all, building me a computer.

Anyway, if you have one of these restaurants in your area, I have to recommend the fish and chips. The fish is SALMON. I’ve never had deep fried salmon, and it was absolutely deLICious! And the chips were great, too.

Computer change

I never thought that this would happen, but I’m back to a desktop computer at home after seven years of using a laptop. John talked me into it. It was a labour of love. Over the past few weeks he’s been clearing out his office and emptying spare parts out of his geek cupboard and putting them all together. He only had to buy a few extras. I won’t say it’s a $5 computer because when he finally told me it was ready he said “Merry Christmas!”

He’s so good at this stuff. I sat down at it an hour ago to try it out. All my files, programs, icons, e-mails, cookies, message rules, etc. are exactly as they were on my laptop. And he’s added a few extras, too; e.g., I can click on a button and watch live television in the corner of the screen, plus any programs I may have recorded.

Electric Mini

So much for the Chevy Volt. John will have to buy that one for himself. I’m drooling over the MINI E now.

There seem to be a few drawbacks. It doesn’t look as if there’ll be any room for my yoga mat.

The placement of the batteries … results in a serious erosion of the Mini’s already limited cargo carrying abilities and necessitates the removal of the rear seats. The massive battery pack also adds significant weight to the petite MINI’s chassis. A MINI with a traditional internal combustion engine weighs just 2,546 lbs in base form. The MINI E boosts that figure to a portly (for its size) 3,230 lbs.

Not to mention that I’d have to move to California to get one.

On the subject of Minis, how many of Habershons.com’s American readers have spotted a Mini Clubman since its launch in February? I’ve only seen three so far.

Charcoal investment

It’s been a good weekend. Which is good after a week in which I lost 20 percent of my retirement savings. The weather was perfect. We ran errands on our bicycles. John planted flowers while I sat outside and read a good book. John grilled some good food while I continued to read a good book. We watched a couple of movies. We shut out the world.

Oh, we did take the car out once. Kroger had a charcoal sale. Only $5 for 17-lb. bags that normally cost $9.97. We bought 13 bags. Could be our best investment all year. That is as long as John doesn’t get tired of grilling.