A grape weekend

We actually went out of town for a change this weekend. Two whole nights! We left work early on Friday afternoon, packed John‘s mum and friend Michael in the back of Cyril, and drove more or less in a circle, from Houston to Gruene (rhymes with Green), Seguin (rhymes with The Bean), Boerne (rhymes with Bernie), Fredericksburg to Johnson City and back to Houston (rhymes with Newton, more or less).

The purpose of the trip was to visit some wineries. Yes, Habs, there are wineries in Texas, and plenty along that route. We tasted at Dry Comal Creek (second visit to that one), Flat Creek (where we also had lunch and live music from Leo Rondeau, and Texas Hills. On a previous trip we’d visited Driftwood and Mandola Estate. So now we’ve done five. Five down and 45 to go? I need to make a count.

My favourite Texas wine remains the French Colombard from Dry Comal Creek. White, and very dry. This time I bought a whole case!

A good weekend, good company, good live music, and good food. The only blot on the trip was that our favourite restaurant in Gruene, Janie’s Table, was closed (as in shut down). I’d been looking forward to their sweet potato fries all week.

More donuts, fewer veggies

Dunkin’ Donuts (fattening) is planning to open 107 new stores in Houston.

Whole Foods Market (good for you) is suspending new openings.

I hope the one planned near our house isn’t one of them.

On the other hand, I haven’t been into a Whole Foods in over a year. Not since prices started soaring. Hey, things must be bad. We’ve even switched to Bounty Select-A-Size in our house.

Brown vs Osteen

Oh, what a joke! Joel Osteen‘s wife is being sued by a flight attendant after an incident on a Continental Airlines flight a couple of years ago. You can read about it here. The part that makes me laugh is this:

According to court documents, Brown claims that she suffers from anxiety and hemorrhoids because of the incident and said her faith was affected. She is also suing Osteen for medical expenses for counseling.


Sometimes I’m glad I’m not rich and famous.

John's kitten-catching kit

John finally started clearing everything up this weekend. The cage was folded and returned to its box. The litter scattered around his office was vacuumed up, all surfaces cleaned and everything polished. He tipped several items out of his backpack, announcing that these are all the items you need to catch three stray kittens living under a house. Clockwise: One pair of sturdy gardening gloves; a tube of antibiotic ointment; a gauze pad (euchh!); a box of Band Aids; a bottle of iodine; and, last but not least, a book to read while sitting on the steps outside the house waiting for the kittens to appear.


Well, look at that! There’s a hurricane on its way to Houston.

This one was sudden. We usually get a week’s warning.

Tuesday morning August 5th update: Well, Edouard never got beyond tropical storm status. 15 people made it to my 6 a.m. yoga class. It’s raining heavily in Houston now. Rather than brave Wendy on the high seas I’m working at home today.


Good morning, Habershons and loyal reader. Hope everyone is having (will have) a good Sunday. It reached 100 degrees here in Houston yesterday. They say it will be higher today. I am off to teach a yoga class now, where it will be 105 degrees.

How are everyone’s electric bills? Ours soared to $361.79 last month. That’s rather high, seeing as we live in a 1,000 sq.ft. apartment.

Go Raj!

Raj Bhavsar has made the U.S. Olympics Gymnastics Team.

BEIJING – Houston gymnast Raj Bhavsar, who persevered through good times and bad by striving first to remake himself as a man of Olympic character, is now an Olympian in full.

Bhavsar, 27, of Houston was named today to replace 2004 Olympic all-around gold medalist Paul Hamm on the USA Gymnastics men’s 2008 Olympic team. Hamm withdrew after acknowledging he could not recover from a broken hand and a strained rotator cuff in time to compete next month in Beijing.

Not only is he from Houston, but he also practices Bikram Yoga at my studio!

Check him out on the rings.

Someone to root for!