She likes to get into cupboards

Hello everyone. I have finally found a couple of free hours to sit down and put something on Yes, I know you’re all dying to hear about our Thanksgiving trip and I know you’re all dying even more to hear about my new car. In case I fall asleep while sorting out all the pictures, click on this one of Condi to see her checking out our newly sanded and finished floor.

Wheels needed

It’s been non-stop since I got home. I’ve done two 6 a.m. yogas and gone back to work. On Thursday John‘s mum and friend are coming over for Thanksgiving, and on Friday we’re taking a three-day road trip to Corpus Christi. Should be fun. I hope to be able to practice my Bikram dialogue when everyone’s sleeping.

Priority right now is to buy a car. John is big into Fords and wants me to buy American. To humour him, I test-drove a Focus this evening (zippy and affordable but too rental-like) and a 2006 Hybrid Escape (too big). I refused to try the Fusion (much too big). Tomorrow evening I’ll try the Pontiac Solstice (over budget, but I’ve always wanted a convertible).

Of course, what I really want is another Mini. All the used ones around here seem to be in silver or grey (not an option) and with high mileage. New ones are closer to $30,000 than $20,000. On top of that, there’s only one dealership in Houston, and their service department is horrible. The next closest dealership is 50 miles away.

John has let me use his car this week, but on Monday I’ll have to rent if I don’t come to a decision.

Teacher Training – 97 classes, 55 instructors

We did 97 classes in the nine weeks of teacher training. Fortunately I was never late and remembered to sign in every time, so didn’t have to do any makeups. Below is the final list of instructors who taught them:
Bikram 13.9
Rajashree 8
Craig 11
Antonia 2
Luke 2
Emmy 5
Julia 2.1
Kyoko 2
Jim 3
Kerri 1
Rich 1
Johnnie 1
Patrice 1
Charlie 1
Lee 1
Karen 1
Dave 1
Lynne 2
Jay 1
Brent 1
Val 1
Jenna 1
Lisa 1
Stacy 1
Elizabeth 1
Conrad 1
Anna 1
Mark 1
Jacob 1
Diane 1
Britton 1
Michael H. 1
Divi 1
Mike F. 1
Joel 1
David 1
Fred 1
Olivia 1
Rowena 1
Leticia 1
Darius 1
Lauren 1
Mike W. 2
Ren 1
Derek 1
Troy/Emmy 1
Benn 1
Ida 1
Abby 1
Feroz 1
Sarah 1
John 1
Esak 1
Huiping 1
Francesca 1


John said he’d been working on two surprises during my absence. I figured they’d be something geeky. Perhaps a giant movie screen in the back yard? Or some kind of media centre in the kitchen? Or an ethernet connection in the garage?

Nothing prepared me for what they really were. Here I am wide awake at 3 a.m. still marvelling (is there such a word?). Regular and loyal readers may remember that the PantherCams were down for a couple of weeks. Here’s why:


If you’ve ever sanded a floor, you’ll know what a major feat that was. We’ve wanted to have it professionally done ever since we moved in to this house, but the hassle (and expense) of doing it has always made us procrastinate. To cut a long story short (a story so long that he hasn’t yet finished describing the ordeal) he spent the first few days sealing all the vents and cupboards, covering the baseboards, and moving the furniture into the rest of the house. He rented the sanders (one for the main floor and another for the edges) on a Friday and sanded through Monday morning. The sanders were so loud that the people next door said that their house was shaking at 11 o’clock on Saturday night.

Of course, he ran into all kinds of snags, as you can imagine. He forgot that there were vents in the cupboard under the stairs leading into the kitchen. So guess what! The rest of the house was covered with a layer of sawdust. I’m so glad I wasn’t here to live through all of this.

The living room now looks beautiful. He rearranged it completely. It is now a living room/dining room and there’s a tiny office in the corner for me. He took step by step pictures all the way, and I’ll be uploading them into a photo album when time permits.

He’s talking about doing the rest of the house over Christmas/New Year. Our tenant is moving out and he thinks it would be a good opportunity as we could move the furniture upstairs. Oh God!

And the other surprise?


So . . . do you still nominate me for Habershon of the Month?

Teacher Training – almost home

The graduation was moved from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at a hotel down the street. I stayed until 6 but then had to leave for the airport. So unfortunately I am not clutching a certificate. I am, however, now a certified Bikram Yoga instructor. Cool, huh?

So here I sit in Las Vegas Airport after a freezing cold middle-seat five-hour flight from Honolulu. Definitely a no-frills flight (ATA). Blankets were $9 each and no one offered me any refreshment. But you know what? It was better than sitting on a smelly back jack on a sweaty floor. And nobody came by and kicked me when I nodded off.

It’s 5 a.m. and my flight leaves for Houston at 7:40. Can’t wait to get home.

Teacher Training – he's really quite lovable

I fell in love with Bikram yesterday. He started going through all the individual postures and made miraculous adjustments to the brave students who were willing to go up there and be insulted. He’s been insulting and yelling at us ever since we got here, using language unprintable for a family website, not to mention keeping us up until after midnight.

Yesterday was different, though. When we came back for the evening lecture the staff had set up a screen and computer and played us DVDs of some of the shows that Bikram had been on. We were shown numerous “That’s Incredible” episodes, a “Good Morning America” from the 70s, and the “60 Minutes” interview from 2004. Just watching the young Bikram (he doesn’t look much different now) and his antics back then was very endearing. Young Indian man coming to America and storming Beverly Hills. And what he was saying back then is exactly the same as he’s saying now. He tells the truth, brutal as it might seem. He seriously believes in his 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, and hasn’t changed them in 30 years. I believe in them, too. Always have. And I have him to thank for the way I feel now. Completely healthy (well, a little exhausted right now) and completely free of any aches and pains.

After the TV shows Bikram continued going through the postures. I decided not to let him see my Balancing Stick. I’m so close to getting that teaching certificate and would hate to have it withheld because I can’t get that perfect ‘”T” like in Tom’. I’m giving it 100% effort, though, and it’s come a long way in the last nine weeks.

We have five classes to go. Rumour has it that on Friday evening after the 5 o’clock class we may be free. On the other hand, it’s Bikram who decides, so I’m preparing for a final late night lecture.