Flooded Mini

Stupid stupid me. I drove Wendy through high water on Bissonet Street at 5:45 this morning. Didn’t realize how deep it was in the dark. It was the wake of the bus coming in the opposite direction that killed her. It was quite scary feeling her rocking as all the pick-up trucks and SUVs whooshed by us as we sat forlornly in the middle of the intersection with our emergency lights flashing.

Triple A rescued us and towed us home. Now I’ll have to wait and see what the damage is.

UPDATE 7:55 a.m.: It’s nice to have an upbeat neighbour/mechanic like Scotty Kilmer. We have just pushed Wendy into his driveway and he’s going to dry her out and then give me a diagnosis. It’s also nice to have a sweetheart like John who is lending me his car to get to work. Fingers crossed, please.

You tell'em, Jack!

We watched Episode 9 of Season 6 of 24 while eating supper this evening. Yes, we’re a little behind. Here are three lines from the scene in west Los Angeles when Jack Bauer saves his brother’s widow from the terrorists who just tried to blow him up after his father had killed his brother and kidnapped his nephew:


No. 5 officially retired

As I mentioned yesterday, Jeff Bagwell’s uniform number was retired today. In case you’re wondering, Habs, that means that no one on the Astros will ever wear number 5 again. It’s the eighth number to be retired in Astros history.

The ceremony was moving. We were a long way off in the centerfield mezzanine but had a fairly good view of the video screen. Brad Ausmus gave an especially good and funny speech, obviously well thought out. He started by telling us five things we probably didn’t know about Bagwell. One of them was that Bags had hit 32 career triples. Then with great timing, he followed up with “same number as me.” He also rounded out his speech to let us know that Bags and Erika (Mrs. Bagwell) were throwing a party after the game and that we were all invited.

I’m glad I was there. It was good to say goodbye to him properly. The past three years have been unsettling.

Here are some photographs.

UPDATE August 29th 2007: Ausmus has just hit his 33rd triple!

Jeff Bagwell’s uniform retirement ceremony

August 26th, 2007

Back surgery

I had lower back surgery in April 2001. The surgeon removed two discs at L3-4 and L5-S1. I’d be interested to know if anyone else has had the same kind of thing and is now doing Bikram yoga. How has it affected your strength and flexibility?

Like I’ll get an answer!

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Starter motor short

Wendy wouldn’t start last Saturday afternoon. The lights went on and the roof opened so it wasn’t the battery. On Monday morning, Scotty, her new doctor, took a look at her and diagnosed a shorted starter motor. I drove Cyril to work (and yoga, with three towels on the driver’s seat — thank you, John!) and when I got home she was fixed.

Scottie installed a refurbished starter motor and a new battery. Total cost, including labour, $438.50. I think the whole deal would have been a lot more at the Mini dealership, not to mention missing 2-3 hours of work dropping Wendy off and picking her up again.