Dear Comcast

Dear Comcast:

Welcome to Houston. NOT.

I’ve had my RoadRunner e-mail address (cat @ since 1999. That’s almost eight years. Now you are moving into town, taking over Time Warner, and everyone with a address is going to have to switch to a address and will be competing with the rest of the country for the part that comes before the @.

I don’t like change. And I especially don’t like having to give up my e-mail address. What are the chances of my getting cat @ About a million to one?

There is a solution to this. How about making your domain “”? That way all the Houston customers could keep the same name (almost). I could get used to

Yes, John and I have both spoken to the Time Warner sales and service departments, but no one seems to be interested in the idea.

Let me know what you think.


Catherine Athearn
cat @ (for now)

Charlie Winter: Meet Charlie Winter

From David:

There was a small family occasion on Monday when Charlie Winter (Habershon) met Charlie Winter (Fry). CW minor was paying a visit to Emsworth with his mother Kate and brother Joe, and CW major happened to be at home. The CWs share the same great grandmother Ivy Lilian Habershon (née Winter) and great great grandfather Herbert Winter.

How many in the family now have Winter as their second name, and who are they?

US Cellular Field 2007

John and I flew to Chicago on June 8th with Callie and Kevin. We stayed at the Club Quarters on Adams Street.

The secrets of long life

It’s getting to be an annual event on David forwards this Daily Telegraph link on St. Dunstan’s resident Henry Allingham, who turned 111 yesterday. What an amazing man!

Says David: “Dad would have said his longevity is attributable to being kept ‘under Constant Temperature and Pressure’ which he is at St Dunstan’s home in Brighton. The other blind residents complain because he keeps roaring around the corridors in his wheelchair and bumping into them!”

There must be some happy peanut farmers out there

John is also smiling this morning. CBS is going to bring back Jericho, his favourite TV show. It was cancelled at the end of this season (leaving a major cliffhanger I might add). If you read this Washington Post article you’ll see to what lengths the fans went to bring it back.

Why send nuts, you are probably wondering. Well, in the series finale, hero Jake Green (Ulrich) borrowed the famous WWII nose-thumbing line delivered by the acting commander of the 101st Airborne when the Germans demanded that U.S. troops surrender at the Battle of Bastogne. Skeet was responding to a demand for surrender from residents of a formerly peaceful town located down the road a spell. And Jericho fanatics are carrying on the tradition, delivering the same message of non-surrender to CBS suits.

Yes . . . even John sent nuts: 20 lbs to New York, 20 lbs to Los Angeles, a jar of candied pecans and a gift card to a CBS executive. Oh, and six letters, three of which I had to sign.

I like the show, too. If you don’t get it over there in England, here are videos of the actual show.

1) The CBS trailer made mid-season to promote the show and 2) a fan video montage covering the whole season. The second one contains major spoilers. You can also watch the first episode, if you’re really curious, at the CBS Innertube site.