Teacher Training (Part Seven)

The turmoil is over. I have taken action. Today I filled out the Bikram Teacher Training online application and then went to the Post Office to mail all the required documents: letter of recommendation, ID, photos, initialled agreement, and . . . the authorization to charge the tuition deposit and accommodation to my credit card: $6,800 (with the balance of $3,000 due on August 15th). The only document I didn’t enclose was the medical waiver. I have an appointment for a physical on June 14th. By the time I arrived at the Post Office I was trembling with self-doubt and had a monstrous headache. When I left the Post Office my headache had gone and my emotions were high.

If my application is accepted I’ll be leaving for Hawaii in mid-September. I sent it in early for two reasons: 1) to get rid of the constant turmoil of the last 10 months; and 2) to avoid the $500 price increase on June 1st.

If only she'd flossed

Maggie had her teeth cleaned this morning. A first for me as a cat owner. The vet noticed a lot of tartar on her teeth when she had her rabies shot last month and bullied us into having them done. She went in last night so they could do blood tests and stayed overnight at no “extra” charge. Then this morning they put her under and scraped her teeth. John picked her up at lunchtime and said she was a little disoriented and very nervous. She is currently hiding under the bed. Very un-Maggie-like.

Actually, I’m not surprised, looking at the invoice here. There is a long list of all the stuff she had done to her: IDEXX #2092, blood pressure, analgesic medication, body temp support, Buprenex 0.30mg/ml injection, Butorphanol 10mg/ml injection, Cephalic IV catheter, dental cleaning, domitor injection, endotracheal tube, fluoride treatment, gas anesthesia, heart/respiratory monitoring, nail trim, polishing teeth, postprocedure care, preprocedure meds/sedation, propofol 10 mg, pulse oximetry, antisedan, cefazolin, clindamycin.

Hmmm… maybe it’s the nail trim that freaked her out. She’s always used the laundry basket for her manicures.

Condi will be next, but we’re waiting a couple of months. At $276 we need time to regroup.

Son Volt in Helotes

We drove to a tiny town called Helotes last weekend, a little bit past San Antonio, with Kevin and Callie in the back seat, to hear a band called Son Volt at a place called Floore Country Store. We stayed overnight at a very fine Quality Inn and had breakfast at Mi Tierra the next morning before driving home.

The whole weekend was very fun. Kevin is a major fan of Son Volt and has actually gone all the way to the west coast to hear them. The band playing before Son Volt was called High Strung, and they were.

A good day for Clare

Congratulations to Clare (or “Miss Habershon” as she should be called now). Not only is it her birthday, but she has landed her first “real” job, teaching at a primary school in London (east of Teddington and within easy walking distance of the River Thames, the beautiful Bushy Park and Hampton Court Palace). She’ll most likely be teaching Year 4 or Year 5 pupils.

Clare! Well done U!

Half a year

Gotta record this one:

This morning I did my 180th Bikram class in a row (including Christmas Day and New Year’s Day). That’s three 60-day challenges in a row. Three new minds, three new bodies, and three new lives?

Feeling good!