Wilting and stiff

Things can’t be perfect all the time. The weather has heated up in Houston and the yoga room is more humid. The last three mornings it’s been a struggle just attempting and staying in every pose. On top of that my body feels really stiff. I mentioned all this to Callie yesterday, and she immediately rushed by with two sachets of Magnesium supplement. Swears by it, she says!

I’ve just downed my first sachet with a glass of water. Coffee to follow shortly. Let’s see how the day goes now!

What should I have done?

I was driving slowly down Bissonnet this morning, stuck in school traffic. A car coming in the other direction hit a squirrel. The squirrel bounced into my lane in front of Wendy and tried to get up. It was struggling to reach the other side of the road and kept collapsing.

I carefully drove around it and saw the car behind me do the same. Now I can’t stop thinking about it and wondering if I should have driven over it and finished it off.

John's flood control plan

John‘s been digging a ditch since last Sunday. Ever since the new building went up next door our garage gets flooded every time it rains. Over our ankles.

He’s dug the ditch all the way down the side of our garage and out to the street. He’s put gravel in the part next to the garage and some bricks to stop the water rotting the wood. We’re now waiting for some heavy rain so we can see if the water flows downhill and into the street.

Tonight’s weather forecast looks promising.

Teacher Training (Part Six)

A whole bunch of people are asking me if I’m going to do the Bikram Teacher Training. The answer is “yes.” I was planning to go in April, but several things stopped me in my tracks.

Once I’d decided to go, I started attending Sunday sessions at the Fountainview studio to begin the process of getting ready for the course. I was given the dialogue for the Ardha-Chandrasana/Pada-Hastasana pose and told to memorize it. It’s three pages long. After a week of practising it (in the car, in the shower, while folding laundry, while feeding the cats) I could recite it fluently to the cats, but in that room, holding a microphone, could barely manage five lines. The instructors also said that it’s a good idea to arrive at the training knowing the dialogue at least through the triangle pose and to be completely and physically ready for a gruelling nine weeks. Being physically ready means doing two classes per day for three months before getting there. Check out the Medical Consent form!

Bikram then decided to move his headquarters from Los Angeles to Hawaii. This raised the cost quite a bit, including the air fare. Then things got busier at work and I felt bad about leaving my boss in the middle of all the new projects that had come in.

The next teacher training is in September. I’m continuing to attend weekly sessions to get ready for this, and if everything goes as planned, I’ll be there!

TV at the dentist

My dentist has moved to a new building on the other side of the Southwest Freeway. There are flat panel televisions in the ceiling — directly above the chairs. The lady who cleaned my teeth handed me a remote control and gave me a choice of earphones or close captioning. Very cool!

Now I suppose everyone’s going to say that their dentist also has televisions in the ceiling.

Website progress report

Sorry about the mess around here lately and lack of posts. Things got busy at work on January 2nd and haven’t let up since.

I would like to thank John for taking care of the website upgrade, though. The spammers were starting to get me down. You’ll note that not a single one has managed to register since. He’s fixed it so that anyone wanting to register has to answer a simple question that will be changed every couple of months. And I know when the spammers try to register, because I get automated e-mails. Here’s a sample:

Attention site admin of Habershons.com,
On Mar 16, 2007 at 12:02 PM the PostNuke code has
detected that somebody tried to send information
to your site that may have been intended as a
hack. Do not panic, it may be harmless: maybe this
detection was triggered by something you did!
Anyway, it was detected and blocked.
The suspicious activity was recognized in
pnAntiCracker on line 55, and is of the type
pnSecurity Alert. Additional information given
by the code which detected this: GET Intrusion


Anyway, I’m in the process of fixing all the web pages and will start the “J”s tomorrow. So please be patient, and don’t go away.

PostNuke upgrade

Habs, friends, loyal readers and lurkers. Prepare yourselves for a major Habershons.com upgrade. John has been working on it for five nights. He gave me a sneak preview this morning and it’s awesome!

Here’s a paragraph from an article John wrote last night:

This new theme includes an entirely new banner at the top. I struggled with the banner quite a bit. The previous banner was deficient, in my humble opinion, in several ways. It does not span the entire width of the site, which gives the site a very amateurish and unbalanced look. Since the banner is in full color it seems to intrude on the site too much. A good banner should lend to giving the site a desired feeling without competing with the actual content. For instance, with the old site, when there is a full color picture in an article at the top of the page, you then have two unrelated full-color pics in close proximity. Add in all the other graphics on the page, and it begins to look cluttered and sometimes gaudy. It offends my taste for Martha Stewart-type colors and layout — tasteful, refined, and subtle.

I’ll let you read the whole thing when the switch is made. And please keep your fingers crossed that the photo albums don’t get wiped out (again).