A week on the Grand Union Canal

Libby and David finally got a week to play with their new boat. David advises: We had a lovely week on the Grand Union. Paul joined us for breakfast in Stoke Bruerne, after driving us to the nearest shop to buy bacon and eggs first! He waved goodbye to us as we disappeared into the Blisworth tunnel.

Clicking on the picture will take you to the Aylestone album if you’re logged in. Sorry about the restrictions. You have no idea how much time I spend fighting spammers. Did you see the one that registered under 15 different names this week? BASTARD!

The Queen rocks!

I loved it! John enjoyed it, too. Our biggest laugh was over the “Call me Tony” scene. We remembered so well when we visited Dad after Tony Blair had got elected, and he was muttering “Call me Tony” while he buttered his toast at the breakfast table. It’s been a catch phrase in our household ever since. The people in the theatre must have been quite nonplussed when John and I roared.

Another funny line — wonder if it was true? — supposedly from Princess Margaret (about Diana): “She causes more trouble when she’s dead than when she’s alive.”

I loved the kitchen scene when the Queen took the phone call from Blair amongst all those awesome looking vegetables. We don’t get leeks like that over here. And talking of kitchens, what a lot of open wine bottles in the Blair household!

All in all — very well balanced — unless you’re a Cherie Blair fan (is she really that awful?). I felt equal sympathy (empathy?) for both the Queen and Blair. And the stag scenes, which I really hope are true, warmed my heart towards the Queen.

James Cromwell, whom we recognized from Six Feet Under, had a flawless English accent as the Duke of Edinburgh. He’s going to get typecast if he keeps playing weak husband roles. As for Helen Mirren? As Paul said, You just forget that Helen Mirren isn’t the Queen.

The 1 p.m. showing was crowded, and the average age was around 60! I couldn’t get cmarka to come with us, but I’d definitely go again (and share my popcorn with her) if she changed her mind 🙂

The Landmark River Oaks Theatre is struggling for its life right now. And this was reflected in the state of the movie projector. The picture on the screen was split in half for the last ten minutes. We could hear but not see. And no one came to fix it until the credits were rolling. As we left we saw some people outside demanding a refund. It seemed very unroyal.

November Habershon of the Month

On Saturday night in Galveston I was sifting through the British Sunday papers. On the Sunday Times website a headline caught my eye. I clicked on it and read the entire article.

On Sunday, back in Houston, I checked my e-mail. And stone the crows . . . if there wasn’t one from David alerting me to that very same article.

I didn’t know her last name and never made the connection.

Click on the passport and all will be revealed.


I know you’re all dying to know how the building’s going next door.


Major progress was made while we were away last week. Water heaters, bathtubs and some windows have already been installed. The place is already dwarfing and shading our house. I’m trying not to cry. And there’s even a real estate sign outside. I shall have to find out what they’re asking for each unit.

Brother in Warsaw

David‘s in Poland this week. He’s attending the 5th Northern European Conference on Veteran Support and is the only UK representative. I went to look at the website and clicked on the UK flag for English. In spite of that, almost every other word is unpronouncable. Can you say “Zbigniew Bednarski” without blinking? I also notice that David will be giving a presentation at 11 o’clock on Wednesday morning.

Jak życzyć ogólnie szczęścia, bro.!