Do not try this at home

When I got home after that tough class, I did the two poses I missed. It’s really not a good idea to do that. My body stiffened up immediately. Bikram’s poses shouldn’t be done out of sequence, and they should only be done in a hot room (at least 105 degrees), not in a 71-degree air-conditioned house. The only pose we’re told it’s okay to do is half tortoise.

It’s made me think that if Bikram ever puts out videos of his routine he’ll have sold himself out.

Fighting for oxygen

Tough class this morning. Twice as many people as it’s the weekend, and I was in the back of the room. I swear it’s hotter back there. I managed to keep going until ardha-kurmasana (half tortoise) but then sat out camel and rabbit, trying to catch my breath.

That was my sixth consecutive class. Perhaps I’ll miss tomorrow. Or perhaps not! I am, after all, a yogaholic.

Sweating before class begins

I was late for yoga this morning. There were flashing lights on Bissonnet Street and it was blocked off. It must have been a car accident or maybe a tree fell down. Anyway, I had to turn around and find another route. I got to the studio at 6:01 and the doors were already locked. The 6 a.m. instructor does this because there is no one at the front desk until around 7:30. It’s not unusual for people to be late, and the instructor will always let them in through the emergency exit that leads into the yoga room, but this was only the second time I’d been late, and it made me very uncomfortable. There is no time to relax before the class starts, and it’s difficult to get organized quickly and then go straight into the pranayama breathing. It also seems discourteous to the instructor to arrive after (s)he’s begun the class.

Perhaps I should start leaving the house five minutes earlier than usual and allow for detours. Five minutes is such a big deal at that time of the morning, though!

Separate category

I’ve decided not to post all my yoga stuff on the home page. It’s got to be a little boring for non-Bikram fanatics. Anyone who’s really interested will, I’m sure, find this special Bikram Yoga category. I hope I reach some of you really inflexible people out there who think they’ll never be able to touch their toes. There has to be someone out there like me who has been doing this for nearly four years and still can’t get that darn upside down “L” in standing head to knee!

Another breakthrough

More progress! In this morning’s class (No. 733) I managed to hold my elbows above my head in fixed firm for almost the entire pose. It was tough, and my knees were nowhere near touching, but they stayed on the floor.

Of course, tomorrow I may not get even close to doing that again. This yoga, for me, is like the snail walking up the side of a well. Goes up one inch in two months and then slips back half an inch the next two months, etc. Anyway. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next classes bring.

Baseball and blue crabs

We’re back from Baltimore where the Twins beat the Orioles 8-5 and we learnt how to eat Maryland blue crabs. I can’t wipe the smile off my face — we had such a good time! Once again, it was great to meet fellow fantasy-Baseball managers who I’ve known for so long, but only via the internet. We even had our organization name (BBM [Baseball Manager] Pinetar) flashed up on the scoreboard.

I’ve put some photographs in an album with a rundown of the trip. Sorry, but only attendees can view it right now; and if they’re okay with it, Habs and general riffraff will be allowed in later.

9/26/06: Consent obtained. Please form an orderly queue. And remember you have to be logged in first.

Camden Yards, Baltimore – September 23rd, 2006

With John in tow, I flew to Baltimore this weekend to catch the Orioles play the Twins. It was a proper get-together with fantasy Baseball managers from BBM’s Pinetar organization.