Emsworth Habs news

The bad news is that last weekend Jim suffered a prolapsed disc in his lower back while in Camberwell. Poor Jim. A couple of us Habs can relate to that and hope it gets better on its own. The latest news is that he is in London, immobile, and being stuffed full of drugs.

The good news is that Ed‘s contract with the Sunday Times was renewed and he’s now working for their political office at Westminster. What politics has to do with today’s article, though, I don’t know.

Building next door

Our neighbours sold their house in 2000. The next owner demolished it. He sold the lot a year later to an architect. The architect sold it to a real estate agent. The real estate agent sold it to a developer. The developer rented it to the City of Houston for a year. They parked their cranes and bobcats and rubbish and noise there while they fixed the neighbourhood sewer lines. They finally left and we got three months of peace. On July 19th, 2006, the developer returned. Time for photographs.

A tip for homeowners

Did you know that if you keep your water heater turned up too hot the water will cause your taps to leak and will damage your dishwasher so it doesn’t drain properly?

We know now.

All the above started happening in the same week. John‘s quite handy with most things, but couldn’t figure out how to fix the dishwasher, so we called in Village Plumbing. They replaced the drain flapper valve and drain piston and it’s now as good as new.

So now you know too.

A visit from Mr. Vigil

Remember Delfin Vigil, that really rude reporter? He found Habershons.com and left a comment.

Why the new post? Well, one of the annoying things about this website is that whenever someone leaves a comment on an old post I don’t know about it. I found Mr. Vigil’s comment while I was busy cleaning up all the World Cup links. If any of you notice any others on old posts please let me know. Last week someone called Foxyhunt registered and left over a hundred spam comments that took all night to remove.