Tahlequah 2006 report

In case you were worried . . . yes, we’re back from Tahlequah. We arrived home on Monday evening. It was a fun trip (as usual) and the weather was excellent.

The cast (in order of appearance):

Callie and Kevin (as usual)
Me and John
Ethan (briefly)
Tom, Becky, Cassidy, Sonny the dog and Sunshine the kitten
Alex and Camille
Chris and Christy (first timers)

I won’t get into any more lists, but if you were there last year and you weren’t this year you were sorely missed. You know who you are!

Log in and click on the tent to see a couple of pictures.


Just a few pictures this year.

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Breakfast at The Kettle

The pull was too much. We found a 24-hour breakfast place in Tahlequah that has FREE WiFi! Having a good time. Just four of us here so far. Went kayaking yesterday. The river is low and we could use some rain. It’s very warm. About 92 in the daytime and 60s at night. Our air mattress is working fine (phew!).

If we come back here for breakfast tomorrow I’ll post a picture.


I read The Da Vinci Code a couple of years ago. The first three-quarters of the book were great. The last quarter dragged for me; in fact, I almost didn’t finish it.

The movie was the other way round. In the first quarter there were a few times I wanted to giggle — especially when Tom Hanks and Sophie were solving the puzzles in the Louvre. Some of the lines were so weak. If I was John I could repeat a couple of them, but I don’t have his memory. However, once they made their escape things picked up and it turned into a good action movie. The car chase was done in a Smart Car (not as good as the Mini chase in The Bourne Identity, but I’m biased there).

Good movie, Habs, lurkers and loyal readers. Go see! Oh, and remember it’s fiction (sigh).

P.S. Brothers, did we visit Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland as children? It looked familiar.

Charlie’s Morocco Hitch – April 2006

The best way to describe this is to cut and paste Charlie’s final e-mail on the subject. Also see related diary entries from May 20th, April 2nd, and February 13th, 2006:

“Well believe it or not, with absolutely no language skills between us, two back packs and a white board we made it down to Morocco! It only took three days in the end which surpassed all expectations with eight kind people taking us the distance. Mum was keen to drive us the short distance through the rain to Portsmouth Harbour but we were determined to start properly. Thanks to Tim from Dorset we were only standing at Emsworth roundabout for 20 minutes! Highlights of the trip had to be our lift with Robbie from Holland who took us from Bilbao to Madrid in his massive truck, quoting in his best English when i got him lost in Madrid map reading ‘You are travelers, you must know the way!’ We weren’t too lucky when we made it to Madrid getting stuck there for twenty four hours. 74 euros seemed a little steep for a night in a hostel so we walked five k and slept very nicely in the arrivals lounge of Madrid airport! It was a great feeling when we
finally made it down to the south of Spain and got the ferry across. We
wanted to be more excited and dancing around on Morocco soil but to be honest we were so tired we just shook hands and got in a taxi! Our quick journey meant we had a full 2 weeks in Morocco so we managed to see a lot. Spent a few days in the Rif mountains and then went down to Fes, Marrakech and the coastal town on Essaouraia.”

Really really green soup

For all you Habershons.com readers who are into homemade soups (and I know of at least three), check
out the recipe for Asparagus and Spinach Soup on the recipe page. John and I had some for lunch today.
I spent about an hour making it but it was YUMMY and well worth the effort.

NOTE: Just in case any of you do make this soup, I should make it
clear that I failed to find Fleur de sel from Brittany. Sea salt seemed
to work just as well. Also, our local supermarket did not have any soft
“young” goat cheese, so I just used soft goat cheese. The goat on the
package looked very cute and kid-like, though.