City Sewer Replacement Project – Day 402

They’re still here. Every morning I wave to the workers and ask them when they’re leaving. The response is usually: “Que?”

It looks a bit tidier, but after yesterday’s rain we are bracing for mosquitoes.

When they’ve gone (HAH!) we are going to scatter wildflower seeds over it and hope they have time to grow before the owner starts building his townhomes.

Of course, the perfect solution would be to round up enough Habs to buy the lot. It is increasing in value every day (up to about $170,000 right now). We could plant trees and call it “Habershon Square.” Whatcha think, Habs?

Our addictions

Fantasy Baseball is a quiet game. I communicate with other managers via e-mail and in a forum. John‘s pastime, Day of Defeat, is not a quiet game. He and his friends shoot each other all night and talk to each other through microphones. I find it difficult to get to sleep at night unless there’s the sound of machine gun fire or exploding grenades coming through the wall.

Sometimes I can’t help overhearing their conversations. John and his friend Rosie run a clean server. Bad language is not tolerated, and players are banned for 24 hours or longer for improper conduct. The other night he told someone not to swear. The conversation went something like this:

Pvt. John: No bad language, please.
Offender: What’s your problem. You Mormon?
Other player: Yeah, we’re all Mormons here.
Another player: Yes. We have a good choir.
(Various chuckles filter through the house)

There’s a follow-up here. John’s clan has, for a long time, been trying to recruit a player called Pepe the Bandit. They need a good rifleman, and apparently Pepe is the best. He’s in another clan, though, and wouldn’t switch. However, he heard the Mormon rumour and has now joined John’s clan. Everyone is thrilled!

Now if only Jim Edmonds and Jeff Kent would start hitting.

Party pictures

Okay, Habs and hangers-on. I’ve put together an album of some of the photographs from the weekend. Once I’ve received at least five reviews of THE Party the link below will work and you can look at the pictures. Your review can be one word, one sentence, one paragraph, one page, one chapter, or a novel. My e-mail address is cat*at* I’ve received one review and one promise to review so far.

Note: If any of you want a picture removed from the album, just tell me which one and it’ll be gone. No questions asked.

Review No. 1 (from David): That was the all time great family party which will be difficult for the rest of us to match. Thank you Paul for being so generous and well done Nick for fixing it. Photos please…I’m afraid I didn’t take any, but there seemed to be plenty of cameras around.

I award first prize to Joe Fry for being the happiest chap around and booby prize to John T**sig for attempting to gatecrash. Outrageous behaviour!

Definitely felt a bit flat on Saturday night after all the excitement.

April 27th
Review No. 2 (from Ricky [now no one should be shy]):

There was a Chess Grand-Master from Bedford,
Who at 60, put on a party in London.
All Habs who attended,
Went away very contented.
Thank you Paul, it was fun!

May 1st
Review No. 3 (from Helen to Paul):

Thanks for an excellent party…it was really good to see nearly all the family together (sadly not Clare, Ed and John! Next time!). The food was excellent and staff very friendly so well done to Nick for a geat choice. It was great that Catherine came over….we actually had quite a lot of time with her, and we were all very pleased to finally meet Pam! I also really enjoyed talking to Sarah having never really got to know her before. Lets have another party soon!!

May 3rd
Review No. 4 (from Nick):

The best steak I have ever tasted and the best way we could have celebrated Dad’s 60th. It was great to see everyone together again and I hope another gathering will not be too far off. As happened this time (and as Jim Morrison said to Mike Myers in the film Wayne’s World) “If you book them, they will come”. 🙂

May 4th
Review No. 5 (from Charlie)

What a great Weekend and monumental Lunch. Well done to Nick for the organisation. I think he picked a pretty good place. My highlights have to include Jim always seeming to order the wrong thing. Little Joe’s appearance. The steak. Watching Dad nervously having to tell the gatecrasher that it was time to leave. And Pompey winning 2-1 of course.

Bring on the next party!!!

May 4th
Review No. 6 (part of a letter from Jean to Paul):

Many thanks for the splendid and memorable party… I thought the young en masse so young and attractive – we have all been truly blessed.

This way to the album!

Paul’s 60th Birthday Party

Habershons began converging on London on Friday, April 21st, 2006. I flew in from Houston; Emma, Ricky and Helen drove from Glastonbury; Jamie flew in from Venice; Sarah, William, Nick and Jim were already in London; Paul and Pam took the train from Bedford; David, who commutes from Emsworth, was already in London; Libby took the train from Emsworth; Jean took the train from Sheffield; Kate, Joe and Pat arrived, I think, by car from outside London. Clare was absent (in Australia); Ed couldn’t make it as he had to work (Saturday’s not a good day to take off if you work for the Sunday Times, I suppose). Two Honorary Habershons, Martha and Jess, also attended the party. Have I missed anyone?

Driving in London

More on the theatre trip. It was great being chauffered through London by Ricky and family. How anyone drives in the city without getting an ulcer is beyond me. Anyway, Ricky seemed to handle it well and we didn’t mow down any pedestrians or get hit by any taxis or buses. Our main worry was finding a parking space once we got to the theatre. And would you believe, just as we arrived, there was a car pulling out of a space about 20 feet from the entrance! Things like that always happen to Ricky.

When we’d parked, a Chinese tourist pointed at our right front tyre. It was flat as a pancake. We had fifteen minutes until the show started, and Ricky was confident that he could change it in five.

He did!

We zipped into the theatre, picked up the tickets, went to wash our hands which were filthy after the tyre change, found our seats, sat down, breathed in, the lights went out and the orchestra started. Great timing!

The Producers

Everyone left THE party in different directions. Helen, Ricky and I decided to go to Drury Lane and see The Producers. It was great! Hilarious and full of energy. I laughed at the bird scene until I cried. There was also a lively audience which added to the atmosphere. Highly recommended to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. And here’s an offer from me . . . if any London Habs want to see it, let me know and I’ll buy you two tickets.

I probably shouldn’t have taken a picture, but couldn’t find any blurb in the programme that prohibited photography.

Habs all over London

There hasn’t been much time to add anything to the website since arriving in London. Airline seats seem to get smaller every time I fly, or am I getting bigger? It’s not pleasant being scrunched up like that for ten hours. I went straight to a Bikram class in Chiswick to get straightened out. Nice place with a great view over the green. I kept getting distracted by the tops of red double decker buses going past the first floor window (that’s second floor to our American reader). Saw a few Habs last night. We ate a Japanese restaurant on Bury Street. Here’s a picture of the chef fixing mango and ice cream desserts. Jim oohs and William looks as if he’s seen it all before. No, Nick, I don’t know why the heck you weren’t there. You have a right to feel left out.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the big party. Seventeen Habershons are expected. Wonder if there’ll be any crashers?

Party time!

Greetings from George Bush Intercontinental Airport. I’m sitting in the departure lounge waiting for my British Airways flight to . . .


Yep, loyal readers, there’s going to be a Habershon party on Saturday. We’re celebrating Paul‘s 60th birthday.

Looking forward to seeing everyone. It’s been nearly three years.

Famous people born on April 18th

1976 Melissa Joan Hart (actress)
1968 Christian Slater (actor)
1967 Maria Bello (actress)
1963 Conan O’Brien (comedian, host of Saturday Night Live)
1956 John James Minneapolis Mn, (actor)
1956 Eric Roberts Miss, (actor)
1953 Rick Moranis Toronto (actor)
1947 James Woods Warwick RI, (actor)
1947 Cindy Pickett (actress)
1946 Hayley Mills London England, (actress)
1946 Paul Habershon (former Countdown champion)
1925 Bob Hastings Bkln NY, (actor)
1921 Barbara Hale Dekalb Ill, (actress)
1903 Leonid Kinskey St Petersburg Russia (actor)
1882 Leopold Stakowski (conductor)
1857 Clarence Darrow (Lawyer)
1817 George Henry Lewes (English philosophical writer)