City Sewer Replacement Project – Day 320

Our new driveway is too good to drive on. I just hope the workers will feel the same way, observe the orange posts and tape, and get their stuff off the next-door lot in the very near future.

Things still look messy, but we are quite honestly thrilled right now. Once they’ve poured the concrete on the sidewalk and we’ve fixed the lawn, everything should look quite good.

City Sewer Replacement Project – Day 312

They’re still here, damnit! January 15th has come and gone. Our driveway is now so bad that Wendy is having to sleep in the street. Click on the picture of Maggie for an ugly sight.

Actually I feel a bit sorry for the contractor. He’s obviously behind schedule and I’m sure he’s spending half his time dealing with the bitching and moaning of all the homeowners in Montrose. John and I are keeping as quiet as we can. I wave and smile at the workers every morning and just hope that they will eventually keep their promise.