Nick told me three years ago to listen to Jason Mraz. I did. Tonight, finally, I heard him live at the Verizon Wireless Theatre. I also got to hear his opening act: James Blunt. Never heard of him, but have now. Pretty good! He’s English, you know. I could tell, because the first thing he said was “Hello HOOston!” James Blunt also had an opening act: Tristan Prettyman. She wasn’t bad either.

Mraz puts on a great show. He has plenty of energy and connects with the audience without talking too much between songs. He played the guitar and had a five-man band (two more guitars, two drummers [one of whom played a banjo as well] and a keyboardist). I love his voice and his songs — my favourite right now being “Geek in the Pink.” John steered me away from the Geek in the Pink teeshirt stand.

It was our first trip to the Verizon Theatre. The rules said: “Cameras, audio & video recorders, weapons, laser pointers, pens, markers, chains and spikes are not permitted,” so I didn’t take a camera (or any spikes). However, just about every second person in there had a camera phone. The “floor fans” were holding them up taking pictures and the place was dotted with bright lights. The last time I was a “floor fan” I would hold up a lighter and burn my fingers. Times have changed.

Great show!

No more live Bach in our house

My piano went back to the piano shop today. I wasn’t playing it enough to justify the $30-a-month rental fee. I’d play it nonstop for a whole day and then it would gather dust for a couple of months before I touched it again. John is sad about it and so am I. He was a wonderful audience. He encouraged me to play it, and even enjoyed listening to all my mistakes. He kept a jar on top of it and whenever I played he’d wander in to the room and throw in some change (sometimes a dollar bill if he wanted a repeat).

There’s a large gap where it used to be. Every time I look at it I feel like a loser. Another unfulfilled project.

Perhaps it’s time to pull out that viola and see if I can get the knobs to turn.

Time for a long walk

So there you have it. Our Thanksgiving Dinner. My favourite dish was the Waldorf Salad and second favourite . . . yes . . . whodathunkit? . . . the sweet potato casserole.

The turkey? Well, it was okay, but I’m really going off meat, especially when it bears a resemblance to the animal. I stopped eating red meat in 1989, and lately have been eating less and less white meat. Perhaps one day I’ll be a vegetarian. On the other hand, I really like bacon.

We have enough food to last us through the next five days. If anyone’s in the area, please drop by. And bring some of those container thingies.

Eat your heart out, Basil Fawlty

You lucky lot. You get to see my Waldorf Salad before it goes in the fridge. Apples, celery, black grapes, pecans, lemon juice, mayo, and various herbs and spices.

Pecans?, you may ask. Okay okay, I know it should be walnuts, but the sweet potato casserole that’s currently in the oven called for pecans. Why buy both? I don’t think John will notice.

That sweet potato casserole has me worried. The recipe had strange things in it, such as eggs and flour. It said “bake for an hour” but didn’t say whether I should put a lid on it. And I completely forgot to grease the bottom of the dish.

Now to fold some laundry and wash and cut the ends off the green beans.

This is more fun than a reservation

Here’s a before picture of our turkey. Just in case something goes terribly wrong. You deserve to see it. It weighs 11.2 pounds and will be removed from the oven at 3:45 CT.

It’s not easy cooking a Thanksgiving meal, you know. Got the turkey unwrapped and in the oven. Then ran into the first glitch. I’d picked up a sweet potato casserole recipe at Central Market when buying vegetables. Bought all the ingredients. Now I read the instructions. The first sentence is “In a bowl, mix sweet potatoes.”

It doesn’t tell you how to cook them first! Am I supposed to know that? So . . . here I am online looking for instructions. Almost every recipe I find presumes that your potatoes are already cooked.

Decided to cook them like regular potatoes (the type you eat in England). Peeled and quartered them and put them in salted cold water and brought to the boil. Now further research shows that they should be cooked in boiling water, unpeeled. And this website says they should be baked in the oven.


Well . . . I’m also fixing green beans with almonds, Waldorf salad, gravy, and Stove Top stuffing. There’ll be plenty to eat.

Thanksgiving Day

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in America. John and I are spending it right here at home in our very fine yellow house with two cats in the yard. We have two days off and then the weekend (YEAH!). I’m going to try cooking a turkey. If it looks presentable I’ll post a picture here.

But first of all . . . it’s time for my Bikram Yoga class. See ya!