Counting the minutes

It’s 8:00 on Monday morning. My weekend ended in tears.

This is the first time ever that I wish the clocks hadn’t been turned back an hour.

Perhaps it’s time to start a list.

I now owe explanations on the following:

The World Series
The Designated Hitter
Jeff Bagwell
The Minute Maid Park roof

The Bikram Yoga seminar in San Antonio
Tooth No. 19

I know you can’t wait, but you’ll have to.

Stay tuned.

Bikram in San Antonio

Greetings from San Antonio Hill Country. I am here for the weekend attending a Bikram Yoga seminar being given by Bikram himself. The first lecture/class begins at 9:00. Not sure what to expect, but it will most likely be in a warm room.

The instructions say we are not to wear anything green. Apparently Bikram only likes green if it is connected to nature or MONEY!

Today’s schedule of events finishes at midnight. The last item today is at 10:30 p.m., entitled “Hot Chocolate with Bikram.”

It should be an interesting two days, and I hope relaxing after a sleepless and painful week watching the Astros. Will talk about them later.

Two World Series wishes

Good morning from Houston, the Competent City with a Heart and the National League Champion Houston Astros! Things are going to be crazy here for the next couple of weeks. Golly, I even missed my yoga class this morning.

I have two wishes about this upcoming World Series (apart from laying my hands on a ticket [wail]):

1. Let Bagwell be the DH.
2. Leave the roof open for the home games.

Who is Bagwell? What’s a DH? Why would the roof be closed? Yes, I’m guilty of keeping you in the dark, Habershons. I have to go to work, but will fill you in later.

City Sewer Replacement Project – Day 218

We’re ho-ome. Everything looks the same, except that our driveway’s been dug up. We’ve been waiting for this to happen for a long time. How typical that it should happen when we’re not here. Fortunately they don’t seem to have cut through any underground cables.

Tomorrow, no doubt, they’ll be continuing through the gate and under our vegetable plot.

Or perhaps Tuesday? Or Wednesday? (sigh)

Astros come home

Okay, Habershons. Listen up. I have to explain the current Baseball situation to you. There are four teams left. There are two best-of-seven series to decide on the two teams that will play in the World Series: the Chicago White Sox vs the California Anaheim Los Angeles Angels, and the Houston Astros vs the St. Louis Cardinals. The latter series is exactly the same matchup as last year: two games in St. Louis, three games in Houston, and two games in St. Louis. And last year both teams won only in their own parks; i.e. St. Louis 4, Astros 3.

That’s where the similarities end. Game 3 is to be played today in Houston (Roger Clemens pitching), and the series is tied 1-1. We are not attending any of the games as we’re in Galveston, but will definitely be watching it on this rental house’s high definition 58-inch television at 3 p.m.

Fingers crossed, everyone!