Bikram Bikram

I took the day off work today. “D” from my 6 a.m. Bikram yoga class has been bugging me to try doing two classes in a row. I decided to try it this morning. We did the 6 a.m. and the 8 a.m. That’s three hours of yoga in 105-degree heat. It was an amazing experience. Sometimes it’s tough to get through one class, but I found the second one easier and felt very relaxed. And I drank 3.3 litres of water! We had the same instructor for both classes and took him out for breakfast at the Buffalo Grille afterwards.

We’re thinking of trying three in a row at a later date.

We are yogaholics. 430 classes for me and counting.

Day 5

Ambleside, the Lake District

August, and still no vegetables

Our new camera arrived. Check out the photo album for a picture of our sorry looking vegetable plot. Not a tomato or zucchini (courgette) in sight. We are starting to wonder if perhaps we’ve been nurturing weeds and not climbing zucchini. Perhaps someone knowledgeable could identify this leaf? Is it really zucchini? The plants are scary. They’ve been trying to strangle the tomato plants and are now stretching over our neighbour’s fence.

How’s everyone else’s vegetable plot doing? Send some new pictures, please.

Day 4

Family gatherings

John and me

and John’s family and other miscellaneous pictures

Peggy and the Phantom

Peggy’s Serenity’s owners e-mailed us some pictures last week. She’s grown quite a bit, and seems to be developing a solid pair of front paws to bat the dogs around. We still miss her, but don’t regret our decision.

I’ve just been poking around Tom’s website to see if he’d posted any new pictures of Peggy’s Serenity’s sister, Miss Bea. Nothing new, but I did see this post and wonder if Callie‘s noticed it. The arguments around the campfire in 2006 could be more heated than 2005, if that’s possible.